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Business Ideas - How to make money Online and Offline - 8

Updated on May 5, 2011

Use Contractors – This is a simple business model that a group of college kids made a pretty big success out of.

A group of four students needed a new jersey for their college adventure sports team. They couldn’t find any designs they liked in any of the city’s retail stores. So they went to a part of the country known for its textile industries. They found a manufacturer who could manufacture jerseys with the design they had in mind.

Once the first pack of jerseys came through they ended up being several notches cheaper than any jersey available in the city’s retail outlets. The jerseys sold out in no time. There was huge demand for more. Gradually the group started a full time business out of delivering T Shirts and jerseys to colleges all over the state and they’re doing pretty good today. By eliminating any middle men and storage costs and identifying the cheapest delivery options they managed to provide a differentiated product at the lowest available price.

Although the exact idea may not be applicable in your country, maybe you could try the general concept of outsourcing manufacture, design, storage etc and just concentrating in finding the customers?

Bookkeeping and accounting – Although larger organisations will have a dedicated accounts department and ERP packages, smaller firms could benefit from your expertise in bookkeeping and accounts.

Having several clients to maintain books for is a good way to earn a decent income. But to really grow you would need to teach someone else to do the bookkeeping work as you gradually move to a supervisory role and look to provide more services to your client and expand your clientele.

The beauty of running your own business is to be able to grow something you start small into a mammoth organisation in accounts department in any large company could offer you that!

Once you have the trust of your clients maybe you could move into providing further services such as in taxation and financial planning.

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