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Business Ideas - How to make money Online and Offline - 9

Updated on May 5, 2011

Restaurant promotions and offers – Everybody likes to eat out at least once in a while. And there isn’t any dearth of restaurants out there either. But haven’t you noticed that every once in a while you drive by and notice a new restaurant so close to your house and you wonder where that came from.

Well there are always hundreds of such restaurants all over town that most people don’t know about either because these restaurants can’t afford prime location property or to advertise much.

You can come to their rescue and make some money in the process.

All you need to do is talk to these restaurant owners and tell them that if they offer a discount to customers referred through your website you will freely advertise their business on your website. You would have to setup a website with the details of these restaurants and can earn money through ad revenue or through charging customers for coupons (at extremely low prices) which can be exchanged for a discount at the restaurant of their choice advertised on your website.

Although there are plenty of restaurant review portals out there, once you begin to garner enough traffic make sure to expand into allowing customers to write reviews and also expanding your clientele of restaurants regularly. Adding maps and menus on the website with take away details too is not a bad idea.

Investing in equity – You can invest in equity stocks through a stock broker, advisor, online or even through mutual funds. There are tonnes of articles out there that give advice on how to invest and in what and when?

You can download eBooks or buy textbooks on the subject. You could hire an expert to decide where you should invest. Investment in stocks can be for the short term to make a quick gain. Profits can also be made by appreciation in the value of the stock over time due to the good performance of the company. You can also earn dividends on the shares you hold.

Long term investments in equity are generally accepted to be comparatively low risk investments while trading in stocks on a daily basis is far riskier. Mutual funds on the other hand cost a bit more but are managed professionally. Your strategy for the most part has to do with how much risk your willing to take and how much money you can risk at any given point of time.

One of the primary necessities here is education. If you really want to make good money in the stock market there is no excuse for not having a thorough education on the subject before diving in. As you grow wealthy new riskier investment opportunities offering higher returns will be available to you that are not available to the less sophisticated retail investor.

Although there is nothing new about the idea of investing in stocks it forms a part of this page simply because it is still a fantastic way to earn money and ensure the best corporations attain the capital they need to grow. We just hope you don’t ignore this good old route while you consider all the other ideas.

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