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Business Inspirations? Dig Dipper, Look Higher!

Updated on July 31, 2016

Have you ever wondered about the best place and moment to find inspiration to set your own business? There is so many extraordinary companies, that it’s really surprising where people can find their inspirations to set them. Here you can find few advices how to open your mind and soul for interesting, effective business.

Get Inspired

Wherever you are – observe. If you travel a lot try to get to know how people life in different countries, what is important to them. Try to compare it with people from your area and find something common. Many people thinks about setting new company in another country or region only because they noticed, that it has great success in other place. It is not going to work in that way – you have to make market research and decide if that kind of service is really necessary. Fishing rods can be bestsellers in lake-areas, but totally useless if you want to start to sell them in mountains.

Be An Inspiration

If copying ideas is something unacceptable for you, be your own inspiration! Go for a week for holidays in the middle of nowhere without phone, computer and another electronic devices. Look deep into yourself, make a list of your best virtues. Listen to your heart, body and mind. Write down every single need and idea which you notice. That for sure will help you to notice what is the most important for you and others.

Look Down

Setting new business, based on meeting basic needs has the biggest probability to work effectively. To start with building, plumbing, accounting company you do not need more than technical skills. Everybody all over the world need that kind of services. Not so obvious and iinteresting is where people find inspiration to set totally original and crazy companies…

Look Up

What do you see there? Sky with Sun, Stars, Moon, other Galaxies… All over the world there is few people who claimed that parts of Universe belong to them. Dennis Hope with his Lunar Embassy is selling parcels on the Moon since many years. A woman from Spain decided to become an owner of Sun and charge people who use solar energy. However, not only she was sly. People who were suffer from skin cancer caused by Sun, or farmers who lost their plants on the farm, were going to court and asking for compensation. Last, but not least, is Mariusz Bialek who claims that he is the owner of Stars, Galaxies and Dark Matter. He decided to sell it on Kingdom of Universe. To make it totally legal he visited Norwegian Court which confirmed, that according to old Romanian law, everything what Bialek is doing, has legal basis.

No Borders For Creativity

Remember, that these days, where everyone can purchase everything anywhere, the most important is creativity. Do you want to have a plumber company? Hire only women! Are you into running new restaurant? Think about serving extraordinary menu, unusual decorations or resign from things which every other restaurant has! When you will go out of the box, even a sky is not a limit!


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