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Business Isn't Everyone's Business Some may not Understand

Updated on April 4, 2017

Business Privacy


Difficult to Keep Business Ideas Under Wraps

Not everyone should hear one's next business idea but with privacy being compromised these days there is little protection when it comes to expressing business ideas. That's why a lot of business savvy individuals choose to hold private meetings in order to try and keep some of the ideas a secret. Every business idea doesn't need to be shared with the whole world. There will be some ideas in which one may not want to reveal to certain individuals. At least not at first. There are some who insist on being apart of every business move certain individuals to decide to make. There should be some privacy involved. Some aren't even so in tuned with business but will want to know what's going on at all times. Of course writing the ideas down, signing, and dating the idea as well as sending the ideas off to the person's who may want or need to know about the ideas can help.

Writing Down the Ideas

There should be some ideas written in journal form so ventures can occur. Finding a private spot to keep all business ideas will help eliminate the leaks. Some have found out the hard way about their ideas. Not everyone is pleased with creativity. Some may try to sabotage the ideas which are generated. There are a lot of trickery in business and not all will use ethical practices so there must be some form of protection when it comes to the ideas. Writing the most important points will help and highlighting the "keywords" can help when presenting the ideas to investors or to business partners. The ideas should be written so that the producer of the ideas can read the ideas. Would be pretty ridiculous if the ideas aren't read properly when presenting the ideas.

Presenting the Ideas

Who should hear the business ideas. Persons who have an interest in business ideas. Mainly investors. Some may not be investors but just want to supply the financing for the idea or ideas. Read the ideas clearly and supply copies of the ideas so the persons are able to follow along. There is no need to rush and allow questions. "Be prepared" for some critical questions. Have an idea of how many it would cost to put the ideas to light. Supplying some figures will help. Investors will certainly want to know exactly what they're investing in and anyone who may front the money for an idea. There should be discussions about the profits which will be incurred after the idea generates enough to allocate the profits.

Idea Presentation


Here Comes the Questions

Now it's time for the questions. Try not to be nervous and consider the questions before supplying the answers. Do not rush when answering the questions want to make sure the investors or the individuals who are considering investing in "the ideas." Speak clearly and of course taking a bit of time to answer is alright but not too long some may become inpatient. The meeting doesn't need to be very long. A lot of investors have a busy schedule and may want to proceed to their next meeting in a timely manner. Try not to stumble over the answers but if there are any mishaps. "Regroup." Go over notes and if necessary a slide presentation may draw the investors in.

Be Very Gracious After the Presentation is Over

When the questions have been answered and it's time wrap things up. Consider how the ending will occur. More than likely there will be some smiles and hand shaking. The individuals can decide to make a decision afterwards or at a later date. Do not be dismayed if the investors want to think about the ideas before supplying the money to invest in the idea. Investors have every right to do so and there shouldn't be any rush "decisions." However if the investors were aware before hand, the investors may be willing to supply their decision, be patient.

"Article Written by: Tanikka Paulk

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