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Business Letter Writing Tips

Updated on February 19, 2016

Business letter writing is part of everyone’s life. No one is exempted either you are engineer, nurse, doctor, chemist, scientist and even ordinary person. These letters are called friendly or social letters and business letters.

The fundamentals or general principles in writing should be observed. Letters should be neat and clean, brief and go directly to the point, courteous, prompt and complete and thorough. A letter that is pleasant to the eye invites reading and attention. Every letters aim to sell ideas and thoughts of the sender.

Of course, the color and quality of the paper used is also matter in writing a good letter. White bond paper is usually used in writing letters. The envelope should also match the quality and color of the paper used. Margin at the top and bottom should be 1 ½ inch while the margin at the sides should be 1 inch according to Laster and Pickett (1981).

In typing your letter, single spaces are used within the parts of the letter while the double spaces are used between paragraphs and between parts of the letter. In addition, letterhead should not occupy one-fifths of the paper. Sample business letter are available to be used as reference and guidelines to your letter writing.


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