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Business Marketing With Video Via The Internet

Updated on March 29, 2011

Business Video Marketing

Internet video is relatively new but it is growing.  YouTube was only founded in early 2005 but in less than two years it was sold to Google for over a billion dollars.  That is the phenomenon of Internet video along with the possibility of a video becoming a YouTube viral video.  Yet, businesses have been slow to capitalize on this trend.  Other more recent trends like Facebook and Twitter businesses have quickly adopted.  The irony is that some businesses will ignore Internet video but opt for the most expensive of all marketing- television.

The value of video marketing is manifold.  Like television it incorporates two senses (visual and auditory), which compounds the impact of the message.  It also allows for demonstration of products or services, something static images (photos, artwork, etc.) cannot.

Then fold the Internet into the mix it adds a new dimension to the video's marketing prowess.  It allows anyone in the world to see the video, unlike television where only the purchased market will see an ad.  Secondly, a video can be any length.  As a practical matter most Internet videos are limited to somewhere around twenty minutes but if more time is need, simple break the video into a series.  Again, this is unlike television that limits video to a very static thirty seconds, two minutes, or thirty minute formats.  Finally, Internet video can be seen at anytime.  Whenever the audience wants to see the video they can.  Unlike television when the audience and the timing have to coordinate together to have the video seen.

Another huge plus for video marketing is the cost.  Placing a video on YouTube (and other video sites) is free.  One could also place it on their web site.

The production costs are minimal and many people already have what they need to make a video.  Video cameras are built into cell phones and laptop monitors. Many people own camcorders and web cameras.  All of these could be used for some basic video gathering.  After video cameras only video production software is needed.  This often comes with new computers.  Sound can be captured with the computer microphone.  Even if one does not use a video camera, they can make stills (slides) and narrate over them to get a point across.  Therefore, if any one video production element (camera, sound, software) is missing from a business's office inventory, then acquiring it will be minimal.

Developing a video marketing campaign will set a business apart.  Indeed, many businesses are doing it, but it cannot be considered cluttered.  Look deeply, and one may find that no one else is doing video marketing in his or her business niche.  This would enable the business to seize the high ground for more business.

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