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7 Types and Tips about Business Mounted Posters

Updated on October 20, 2012
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Choose your options in mounting posters

Mounted Business Posters – how can we use them? Let us count the ways.

In business presentations Mounted Business Posters are wonderful tools to sell concepts, ideas and products to land new clients.

In department stores Mounted Business Posters are great interior signage to help people find different departments – ladies clothing, accessories, men’s clothing et. al. within the store.

At Trade Shows Mounted Business Posters are excellent marketing tools for booth displays. In training events these Business Posters help people find their way to the conference room where the event is held. You will also need one special Mounted Business Poster right at the conference room door.

In retail stores they are great point of purchase displays. In convention halls they can hold the daily calendar of events held per conference room, the time and date, etc. and announce each event taking place per conference room.

In offices, Mounted Business Posters can make a commanding statement. Consider the lobby of an architectural firm where the walls have floor to ceiling mounted posters of their most successful projects.

In boutiques, Mounted Business Posters are often part of a window display. In front there may be a mannequin wearing a new outfit, but studies show that people tend to be subconsciously drawn to the Mounted Business Poster first -- even if it is at the back -- before looking at the mannequins and what they are wearing.

This is why Mounted Business Posters are a necessary investment. Businesses need them, and must constantly replenished them to make their brand constantly relevant. Mounted Business Posters augment a business marketing strategy and expand your brand. They are cost friendly because there are many types of frames that can display Mounted Business Posters on and these frames are reusable.

Here are some options for framing your Mounted Business Posters:

1. Wall Mounted Posters: You often see these in movie theatres and retail shops. One style is acrylic pockets where the mounted poster slides in. A movie theatre will have posters of the movies showing and the movies to come. People scan these posters before deciding which movie they want to watch. In retail stores, a clothing company or make up firm will often have a giant poster that will be mounted in a strategic area of the store’s walls. It will be high enough so it won’t block any displays, but big enough to be seen from a distance. It can be seen while you are going up the escalator, perhaps. Aside from the pocket option, there are “Snap” Mounted Business Poster frames which are viewed as the gold standard. All four sides of the frames are snapped so that you can open one side to take out an old poster and then easily insert the new graphic, then snap it shut. All the while the frame remains mounted on the wall.

2. Cable/Rod Suspended Displays. This is favored by estate agents, department stores and boutique shop windows. The Mounted Business Poster is held up by rods and cables which suspend the posters above. The Posters are clamped on and can be easily removed by opening the clamp when it is time to change the Mounted Business Poster. Different sized posters can be accommodated with rod and cable suspension. Even better, they can provide power through a transformer to provide lights to add emphasis to the poster.

In large department stores, the Mounted Business Posters are suspended high above the floor. This is advantageous because people can easily see the different departments in the building without their view being blocked by the posters. The posters are oftentimes hung between aisles or directly above areas within a specific department of the store.

These are made of plastic with a horizontal aluminum rail that clamps on the graphic. Eyelets are added so that small chains or fish line can help to suspend a poster from the ceiling at the height desired.

3. Rotating Poster Displays. The poster is placed on a bladed stand that circulates in this way rotating the poster regularly at a deliberately slow speed. A maximum four different Mounted Business Posters can be accommodated in this rotating poster display. Included are lights which ensure that your Poster Display is seen 24 hours a day.

4. Wave Displays. This is also called the curved frame display. It has a three dimensional look because the enclosure is like a block that extends outwards from the surface wall. The back of the Wave Display is held onto the wall with two aluminum rails that curve like the wave of an ocean. The Mounted Business Poster is inserted between two PVC lenses then slid into the rails. The end result is vivid and gripping. Wave displays can either be horizontal or vertical, depending on what best suits the poster.

5. Light Panel Poster Displays. These poster displays have the addition of light panels on the rod or cable. The lights focus more on the Business Mounted Poster, and they are easily noticeable at point of sale locations. Real estate firms like to use these on their display window, where they may feature the “Ideal Property of the month.” Electricity costs are low because they use 12 volt LED lights.

6. Floor Stands. These are Mounted Business Posters that are on floor display and free standing. They can be moved to strategic positions within a retail outlet such as entryways, lobbies or walkways. The advantage is that the Business Mounted Poster is very close to the public. The stand is usually double sided so that the poster can be seen both in front and back.

7. Printer. Whatever style you plan to have your poster mounted, you must have a good printer with a track record that understands the nuances of each poster in terms of size, type of mounting, location, etc. An experienced printing company can analyze your design and inform you of different options factoring in your corporate brand, marketing objectives, target audience and financial plan.


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