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Business Name Idea #2: SparkleyStuff

Updated on April 22, 2011


This one is an interesting one, with many options for business ideas. I'll leave you with a few, but what I'd really like to know, is what would you do with a business called SparkleyStuff? Leave a comment with your favorite business idea to use with this name.

Business Idea #1: SparkleyStuff - Arts & Crafts

I know plenty of crafters out there who are totally into Sparkley crafting items. So why not start yourself a niche business with an expertise in Sparkley things?

You could sell sparkley buttons, ribbons, fabrics and paints. The ideas are limitless when it comes to stuff that sparkles.

Business Idea #2: SparkleyStuff - Art

You might find your life's ambition in finding artistic items that sparkle. It could be kids art work, adult paintings, murals that sparkle, sparkley t-shirts...

Business Idea #3: SparkleyStuff - Jewelry

I have always loved jewelry that sparkles. Heck, what woman doesn't? With SparkleyStuff, you could be the future owner of a jewelry store. It could be only ecommerce, or you could really open up a retail jewelry store. It could be for fine jewelry or teen jewelry. Any Jewelry niche could fit with this one.

Business Idea #4: SparkleyStuff - Crystals and Gems

Do you know any rockhounds or stone lovers out there? I know plenty, which isn't really saying much being that I am a rockhound of sorts myself.

I will tell you that sometimes there is nothing like a crystal or a stone that sparkles. They have hundreds of uses that you could use to specify your niche. You could sell pagan and shamanic supplies. You could sell crystals for alternative medicine practitioners. Or you could even host rock hunting events.


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