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Business Networks- A Promising Channel for Small and Medium Business

Updated on November 1, 2013

Business Networks- Opportunities unlimited

Business Networks in recent past have emerged as a promising channels for Startups and Small & Medium size business in reaching out to their prospective customers, tie-up partners in a highly cost effective manner.

Popularity of Social and Business Networks like LinkedIn, Ecademy, Facebook, MySpace can be assessed from the number of people registering on these sites every day. The collective membership of all the above Business networks now runs into 100s of millions with members cominmg from different strata of society from different corners of the world. Such huge number of world netizens mostly belonging to lower medium, medium, higher medium and large income groups offers wonderful opportunities.

Let's discuss stratagies which  all Business can adopt to gain most of these Business Networks.

Buisness Networks- Advantages

 Business Networks offers offers following advantages:

  • Increased Exposure: When you Market your business  through Business and Social Networks, you get huge number of prospective clients or customers. Miilions of Members on these portals are all prospective clients.
  • Better Quality Exposure: When you use a blog, network profile or marketplace listing to provide information on your product or service, you boost the number of people that come to your website specifically for your specific product or service. This feature provides results much better than normal SEO, which brings sometimes casual visitors to your website. 
  • Cost Effective: You will appreciate that Networking online is less expensive than any other type of advertising or marketing. You may very well consider it the online version of word-of-mouth advertising. You could spend millions launching a product through commercials and advertising, or you could spend a few dollars to get a blog going, to register at a few social websites and to interact.
  • Finding Join Venture Partners: Business Networking is not always about getting the customer. Your Networking activities  can also help you getting business partners you might be looking for. You can share your business ideas with some of your online contacts on your Business Networks, and you may find required technical inputs, some financier as well. 
  • Testing  Waters: Business Networking in business is a fantastic way to find out what others think before you invest time and money on promotions that are not profitable. You may use your Business Network Profiles  to assess  the interest in your local area in a new business concept you have.

The above list is only suggestive. I would love to see more suggestions from the readers in the comments section. 

Business Networks- How to Start

In case you have not used Social or Business Networks so far for promoting your Business, then TODAY is the best chance for you to start exploring it.

Take following simple steps to start your journey in the world of Business networking.

  • Join Business Networks on Ecademy, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace depending upon your preferences and availablity of time. You will find Facebook and Myspace easiest to get started and for expanding your network. They really work well for you in case you are more into b2c business. However for b2b I would strongly suggest LinkedIn and Ecademy. Infact Ecademy offerred best value for my time (membership fee is only US$5 per month for Power Networker).
  • Work on your Profile on these Business Networks carefully. Ensure that you put all critical info about you. Don't forget to place some personal info as well. On these Networks people wants to know more about the person they are dealing with.
  • Few Business Networks allows to create marketplace listings, where you can provide info about your products and services. Create few for your business.
  • Start developing your network by sending connection requests and by accepting requests of others. While doing so you should be clear about your objectives. However, don't try to sell anything in your first few messages.
  • Show genuine interest in the business of others. Comment on blogs of others, forum discussions etc.
  • Ensure spending some time on your online networking activitues everyday. If you cannot hire somebody.

The best thing that you can do is to take all above steps on your own. However in case you are new to all these, or you don't have at your disposal you can contact me to assist you in developing your Business Network.

You may also cosider our -"Comprehensive Business Promotion Service", which utilizes power of Social and Business Networks to their optimium level for your Business.

Wish you all the best for your Business Netwoking.

Kajal Shrivastava

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      George Eckenrode 7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing. Well written and it all makes sense.