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Choosing The Best Business Opportunity Lead For You

Updated on October 9, 2012

Looking For a Home Based Business?

Looking for the most suitable and potentially profitable business opportunity lead to start your home business with can be very daunting. You must harden yourself to all the marketing hype that you will encounter during your search. When you do find a promising lead you must not jump straight in but spend time researching the opportunity and making sure that it is both the sort of activity you would be happy doing and will stand a good chance of succeeding.

It is possible to take on board information obtained from the Internet, but you must be careful how you interpret it and how you use it. There can be no substitute for sound research, and any business start up information obtained from the Internet must be tested further by questioning real people and reading real books and journals.

My experience over the years wanting to set up on my own and eventually establishing a profitable and enjoyable business that I run from home has taught me that there are no easy fixes, and the less obvious route is often the best. I had always wanted to sit at a computer at home, generating income that allowed me to choose when and how long I worked for. I have sort of achieved this, but not by buying and following some expensive program obtained from surfing the web - but from applying the actual skills I already possess in a way that led to a sustainable business venture.

Is Working With A Computer For You?

If you are comfortable with your computer and the Internet, finding a business that you can manage using a computer from your desk at home, or from anywhere using a laptop and mobile broadband connection would seem attractive. It would even be possible to travel the world and still manage your business.

These are some of the selling points presented by the hundreds of on-line business opportunities being sold over the Internet. There seems to be more people telling you how to make money over the Internet than those that are actually making money. Is it the case that it is difficult to make any real money on-line and that is the reason why there are so many gurus?

The Internet is a massive market place. Billions of dollars are transacted through e-commerce and the market continues to grow. The on-line advertising budget supporting this business is also measured in multi billions and also is one of the few growth industries around these days.

It would appear feasible then to search for a business that carves a very small portion of this huge business that is based around the computer. Such a business must be viable - but where to find the best leads?

Internet Marketing - A Case History

I first learned about Internet Marketing in 2008. I happened to meet a person during my normal work and he sent me an e-book about article marketing - using articles published on the Internet to promote a web site. As I was a capable writer this seemed like an interesting proposition. I had heard about paid adverts on the Internet and this seemed to be the realm of large businesses and I had not understood the mechanics of search engine optimization.

I decided to give affiliate marketing a go. I bought some web editing software of the drag and drop variety and started building web sites. I built one around my interest in scuba diving, one around another interest that I have in fishing and another for my work. I then found a way to place affiliate adverts on my site along with Google Adsense adverts also. That was about it. My interest had started to wane and I didn't really know how to go about marketing the sites with articles. I had used web site links on my emails and forum posts but was not getting any traffic at all.

I knew the business could make money, but did not know how. I was reluctant to spend money on a guaranteed program advertised on the Internet, being the risk averse cynic that I am! However, about a year after my first foray I chanced upon a new program that seemed to be without any glossy hype at all. It peaked my interest. The web site in question had a huge amount of information on it and I was beginning to get excited about possibly finding a simple method that didn't promise you riches but did say that hard work would earn you money.

To get full access to a step by step set of instructions, which is exactly what someone like me needs - a recipe to follow - I had to risk a dollar - yes $1 - out of my PayPal account. I knew that I was in control of such payments and could prevent any more coming out. The deal was that after a month you would pay $33 each month if you wanted to stay on.

I spent about a year with this program. During the first month I tried to learn everything I could from the program with a view to quitting. The trouble was I was learning a lot about the business. How careful you have to be not to upset Google and others using inappropriate methods to promote your web site. You needed to keep up with developments and these were moving a pace. The program did this for you - tweaking its very simple system all the time so that you could stay ahead. The webinars, videos, resources and other advice were a blueprint to making money - not to getting rich as that would be up to you - how you applied your knowledge, added to it, invested in your business - just like any other viable business really!

By the end of the year, I had learned quite a bit about promoting web sites. I also realized that the real way to earn a living was by having something to sell on those web sites. Relying on pay per click adverting was likely to be short lived, as Google would continue to put pressure on the ranking of web sites having nothing much to say.

The year taught me that Internet Marketing is a powerful tool, to be used to sell a viable business prospect.

Motivation Is The Key

Finding a business product that works is only the first step. I decided that just because I wanted to escape the rat race of my day job, I did not actually hate the work I was doing. I had the ability and the contacts to do it for myself. When planning my business I was able to see that I could be competitive in price, and as I would be working from home I would not have to pay for the glass and chrome offices or line the pockets of my bosses.

Consultancy is a catch all term for providing professional services. It is the selling of your hard earned expertise independently. Anybody who is a lawyer, accountant, surveyor or other professional, and who works for themselves, can be called a consultant.

Being a consultant means that you have nobody looking over your shoulder - or do you? Not having a boss does not mean that you do not have obligations. Your clients will want work doing by a certain time and of course to a high quality. This will put pressure on you to deliver and can be just as stressful as working for a demanding employer. I have found that I work twice as hard now, working for myself. Also, I am probably much stricter on myself than any of my former bosses.

Working for yourself can therefore have a positive effect on your motivation levels, simply by removing anybody that you can fall back on or blame.

And in conclusion?

So you envisaged sitting in front of a computer generating a substantial income. I did and am not doing so badly. But in reality I am running a conventional business, providing professional services. I win work by having a web site I continually promote by article marketing. I produce reports using my computer - I communicate with clients by computer.

I have realized that the Internet is only a forum for communication, and not a means to an end in itself. I understand that creating a website about widgets, and promoting it so that people looking for widgets will click on my adverts thus earning me money, is not the way to get rich or even make a living. Yet the Internet is still full of sites selling "autopilot internet marketing" and "powerful" Wordpress plugins that will allow you to make a fortune with U Tube - just keep an open mind.


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