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Business Or Website? The Choice Is Yours.

Updated on November 1, 2007

It has to be either. Select the former, outsource the latter.

You've a choice. Either you run after your long-time customer who just disconnected the phone since you kept him waiting a tad too long, or you complete the last leg of keyword research you've been doing for your website for the last couple of hours.

If you choose the latter, you know that keyword research is not the last thing for your website. You've to create contents with each of those keywords, and continue to be at it for days on end. Why?

Because in the back of your mind you know unless you've a continuous flow of fresh content for your website, it will not remain in the reckoning in the eyes of search engines. And then you have other plans like web campaigns, PPC ads, building links, and so on.

Which means you're pretty much handicapped by the paucity of time despite your having fair knowledge of search engine marketing. For, who knows better than you that if you do not cater to your customers, shortly you won't have any business at all!

This then is the dilemma many SMEs routinely face. In order to have more search engine visibility they take away the share of time they must keep for their main business. As a result, nothing prospers, neither the business nor the website.

Take for example a website of mine. When I started with 20+ pages, some 3 months later, the Alexa Rank hovered around 800,000. I piled on content after content, which made the AR climbing steadily till a time came after about 4 months when it went up to 130,000 level.

Meanwhile the PR too made its presence felt. But though I wished I would, I could not hold on to my 'respectable' Alexa Rank any longer. Blame it on my workload - there is just no time for me to go on adding contents in that site. Which meant there are often gaps by as much as 2 to 3 weeks between 2 successive posts.

Even if I feel bad about it, I've little choice. But wait, why should I feel bad? Isn't my website aimed precisely for getting me writing assignments, which I wanted to increase my earnings and enhance my standing in SEO copywriting?

And now that I've good amount of works on my hand, why should I feel bad? Well, it's like feeling let down by my own expectation. When the site was doing well on the back of my hard labor I started hoping this would continue 'for ever'.

Alas, that doesn't happen in real life. Unless a site is brimming over with fresh contents, it has no solid chance to salvage and preserve Alexa Rank and PageRank.

You may say you'd do the other techniques like link exchange, PPC ads, press campaigns, ..whatever. Agreed, all these can be conveniently outsourced to competent entities, and they have their own plus points.

But unfortunately none of these will get your treasure back unless of course you've contents as well, and tons of them. As I can understand, no amount of external makeup is 'naturally' sufficient to lift your website's visibility as much as never-ending flow of fresh contents.

And, by the way did I mention that contents may not be only dull texts, but can be images, audios, videos, and combinations as well!

In the final analysis, if you have both your business and website claiming your attention, you better learn to ride one boat, the stronger one that is while leaving the other one in someone else's competent hands.


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