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Unlikely but True Business Success Stories to Inspire You

Updated on March 19, 2011

Learn from these Business Success Stories

This page is all about business success stories from around the world. We'll bring you a variety of different stories from world famous internet startups to small home business stories.

We search the news, books and even movies for fictional or true inspirational business success stories of individuals who make it big in the business world. These entrepreneurs come from all walks of life with the one commonality of achieving success against all odds.

I hope you'll find a story that will inspire you to create your own success story. Happy reading.

Movie Trailer of "The Social Network"

The Real but Unlikely Success Story that is Facebook

There's lot of stuff we can learn from the unlike success story that is Facebook. Success can come from the most unlikely idea. One key is to be ready to take the plunge and take action.

College kid Mark Zuckerberg pushed through the nay sayers who laughed at his idea for a social networking site. But look who's laughing all the way to the bank now?

Be inspired by how Facebook grew from an unique idea into an internet business phenomenon with 500 million users.

Transform Your Passion into Business Success

Do you like ice cream? How about learning from childhood friends Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield who founded the world famous "Ben & Jerry Ice Cream"? How many among us would have the courage to take the plunge into the ice cream business after taking a $5 course on ice cream making?

Sometimes in life, its not about what you know, but more about whether you'll have the courage to use what you know to pursue your dream.

The first Ben & Jerry's was opened in what was previously a small gas station in the small town of Burlington, Vermont. Within 10 years the pair of childhood buddies have achieved staggering sales of $32 million.

Who says it does not pay to follow your dreams?

A Landmark Interview with Bill Gates & Steve Jobs

Learn about Succeeding from Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

Learn all about succeeding in the world of high tech business with long time rivals, Bill Gates & Steve Jobs.  

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