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Business Writing|Writing Proffesional Email

Updated on September 11, 2012

Email correspondence has becomes the prevalent form of communication for many people. Its instantaneous nature makes it more convenient, time-saving tool and has dramatically changed the way we communicate in this fast phased computerized world. In the modern computerized world, all you need in a click of the mouse button and you get your idea across to someone. It has made life very easy. Everyone can write email. That’s OK with me. But in business world, professional emails get read and responded. Thats what I will show you in this article. To write professional emails.

The only problem is how effective is your email? Have you been managing your email well enough? Miss management of email can lead to lost productivity, financial losses, and public relations nightmares and even get you or your company to face the blunt side of Law.This hub presents not only basic tips to writing, effective email that is professional, compelling and one that gets your idea across and get you head. I want to show you how to format persuasive e-mail messages with subject lines that will get your message read and acted upon

Benefits of Effective Email Writing

Let me repeat this. Miss management of email can lead to lost productivity, financial losses, and public relations nightmares and even get you or your company to face the blunt side of Law. By becoming aware of the potential risks of sending e-mail, you can avoid making mistakes that can lead to personal or work-place disasters.

Basics tips to Effecting Email Writing

To write a professional emails that getsyour reader to read and acted upon, I discuss few basic tips to help you. This may seem all too simple but never underestimate the power of the information presented. Failure to master these basics skills can cause you lot of headaches and troubles when you don't get the right message across to those with whom you wish to communciate with.

Subject Line

Subject in an email is like the heading or if you like, the title of your hub or article. It serves as the sign post for the reader. Subject line is the first thing your reader reads and therefore take time to write a informatsive, yet catchy subject line. The subject line should be firstt grab the attention of the reader and then tell him briefly what is in the email.

Let me give you exmaples of bad and good subject lines

Bad subject line

Subject: Budget

Dear Tom,

We will have a meeting to review our budget. Advice me if you are attending.

Thank you

Joe Blo

What budget are yoy refering to? Where and when will the meeting be held? What are is your reader expected to bring? What is the positon of Joe Blo?

This is s poor email, starting with a poor subject line

Good Subject line

Subject: Annual budget review meeting

Dear Tom,

I wish to inform you about the annual budget review meeting that would be held ont he Wednesday of the 10th this year, 2012. The meeting will be held at the conference room starting 9am. Please prefer your departmental revenue and expenditure report and present at the meeting.

Thank you

Joe Blo

Executive Secretary

The email started off with a informative subject line and the body highlighted, venue, date and time of the conference.

Keep focussed in your message

The idea is to get you reader to keep reading till the end. Many people, once they recived a email, are tempted to just glance through and hit the reply button. keep the message in your email strongly related to the next line. That is the trick to keep the reader hanging on. If you let loose, youlet your reader loose as well.

Avoid attachments

It scares me to open attachments that come with an email for the risk of viral attack. Some people like me, just for the fear of virus can leave your email sitting there, hoping to scan it before reading, whic at most times don't occur. Only use it when it is seriously necessary. This is my advice. Before sending an email with attachement, call the recipient and notify him. Thats saves you both, time and dissapoinment.

Clearly identifyu yourself and your status

Many underestimate this. If you write to a busy executive, the busy excutive may just want to know who wrote to him, after reading your subject line, if it interests him or provides relevant information about the email. To make the email look professional, state your name, and position.

See the example on Good Subject line? Now go down to the end and see how Joe Blow ended his email. His name and position was clearly stated. This is profeesional email.

Maintain politeness

Be kind. Be polite. But dont over do it. Say it the way you want others to say it to you. Professional email writring requires politeness in it. Without it, ypu may be seen as cold and other may find it hard to do business with you.

Edit! Edit and Edit

Never ever think all you write is perfect. Time maybe a constraint but please take few minutes to read and check necesary grammatical errors of lossened ends and polish up before hit the send button. This is crucial. A email full of errors make it look unprofessional and potrays your image as that of a careless person.

Know formal Vs Informal email

Professional emails are those formal ones you write to cimmunicate business. Don't mix this witht he informal ones you write to your old school mate, girlfriend or your work mate. Maintain professionalm tonne in formal emails always.

Respond Promptly

If you want to appear professional and courteous, make yourself available to your online correspondents. Even if your reply is, “Sorry, I’m too busy to help you now,” at least your correspondent won’t be waiting in vain for your reply.

Show Respect and Restraint

Many a flame war has been started by someone who hit “reply all” instead of “reply.” While most people know that email is not private, it is good form to ask the sender before forwarding a personal message.


Professional Email Writing presents not only basic tips to writing, effective email that is professional, compelling and one that gets your idea across and get you head.
To be a professional whose email gets read and acted upon, you have to read this hub.


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    • CrazedNovelist profile image

      A.E. Williams 5 years ago from Hampton, GA

      That's for sharing that! :)

    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 5 years ago from Papua New Guinea


      Hi there, how are you doing? Hope work is great. I appreciate your read and comment. I wish you well in your career.

      Greetings from the beautiful Pacific, land of swaying palm trees, white sandy beaches and cool breeze.



    • shara63 profile image

      Farhat 5 years ago from Delhi

      very informative this is realted to the nature of my job, i think it will be really useful for me and all others in this line...thankyou for this help!