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Business evolution

Updated on October 20, 2011

Montreal Innovation

Montreal was first built in 1642. Some of the businesses that were part of Montreal back to the beginning are still out there today. The bay, the first company in Canada is still out there, selling clothes and other furniture. At first the company was made to sell and trade with Amerindians, it needed to evolve in order to stay as a top selling company in Canada. There are no more furs getting sold or traded to Indians. The idea remains the same, selling stuffs to make a profit. It brings the idea that there is large numbers of business that have stopped to exist, while some other have grown stronger. However, it only is a true Montreal business innovation that will live longer than the others. Our goal is to search for Montreal Businesses and show them to the public.

Innovation in Montreal

Why is a business innovating having better results than another business conservative? We can easily explain that in order to stand out from the masses; you have to think outside the box, you must come with ideas that others have not thought of. You need to show some ideas that are unique. It might be risky, but having products or services that are unique will give you more exposure. Taking the step to go green is not easy and most of the times puts you in a lack of comfort since you will probably need to change your habit in order to save more on energy and resources. By innovating your businesses becomes the vessel of evolution.


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