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Business owners Online Reputation

Updated on October 7, 2011

Online reputation for small businesses has gained ground on the internet. It is now imperative that small business owners monitor their online presence. Here are two statistics that come into play

  1. 80% of local searches are done online or on mobile devices.
  2. 50% of local searches result in purchases.

Word of mouth advertising is still the best resource for a business if the referral is positive. If it is negative there is no way of monitoring these.

An online or mobile source is the primary source of information for over 70%of all respondents and 80% are under the age of 35.

Placing advertising in the local newspaper is now just a waste of time and money. People are looking for more. Yellow pages are dead. This is now the information age.

What we refer to old school, people would have to rely on friends or others who had uses a business before to get information about them as in the example below

For example: A customer is looking for a local contractor. Contractors when bidding on a job usually give references, then it was up to the customer to contact prior customers or businesses. Today the information is at their fingertips. They go out to search sites such as Google, Yahoo or Bing type in the contractors name and see what appears. They also may go out to Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites to see if anyone else has used them and see what they say about them.

Here are two factors that if you do not monitor your reputation.

1. Positive reviews are great and will help excel your business bringing in more customers walking through your door or contacting you.

2. Negative reviews can hinder your business and perspective clients looking for the service or product you are offering will look elsewhere.

As a business owner you know what it takes in a normal day, just to run the business. Whether it be waiting on customers or providing a service. These both take the majority of your time.

Who can benefit from Online Reputation Management, both the business owner and the consumer. Business owners can virtually see what they are doing, good or bad.

Get a free analysis Here or for mobile users check out the QR Code below.


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