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Plan For a Home Based Business With Real Income

Updated on July 8, 2013
Instructor of Yoga.
Instructor of Yoga. | Source

20 Ideas for Home-Based Businesses

  • 1) Tutoring. With the No Child Left Behind Act and the preponderance of tests that kids have to pass in order to graduate form high school, tutoring will become more and more in demand. Advertise at k-12 schools, YMCAs and YWCA's, recreation centers, family centers, churches, mosques, libraries, shopping malls, grocery store community bulletin boards, online, the family services buildings, etc. If you have children, talk to their teachers and determine the needs of your school district.
  • 2) Personal shopper. If you are a thrifty shopper and/or really have a feeling for other folks' personal styles, offer your services to those with less time to shop and less ability in this area. Also provide a gift shopping service for those also too busy to shop or not likely to come up with good gift ideas.
  • 3) Concierge. If you are well organized and can juggle multiple tasks, consider providing a personal concierge service to busy business people or parents. With people becoming busier all the time, this can be a lifesaver to them.
  • 4) Childcare Service. If you have experience with children and are trained in CPR and first Aid, begin a home-based business in childcare. Your county offices will have a packet of the requirements they will provide to you free of charge.
  • 5) Cleaning Service. If you are good at cleaning in a reasonable amount of time, do it for other people with less time or knack for cleaning. Consider a franchise. JaniKing is one of the largest franchisers in cleaning.

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Carpet Cleaning is a good businss.Residential and Commerical Cleaning are important.
Carpet Cleaning is a good businss.
Carpet Cleaning is a good businss.
Residential and Commerical Cleaning are important.
Residential and Commerical Cleaning are important.
  • 6) Gift Baskets. Small business owners have found that gift basket creation is a popular home-based business many people use for outstanding gifts for all occasions. Work to attract individuals as well as businesses, churches, schools, and government agencies.
  • 7) Carpet Cleaning Service. There are many popular franchises for your own carpet cleaning business and receive the equipment and training you need as part of the package. ChemDry is one of the biggest ones and you can find them online. Master Clean is the largest in Ohio, begun by one man in 1989 and now a top company with many awards.
  • 8) Catering/Personal Chef. Many people have no time to cook but do not want to go to restaurants three times a day. Consider catering from your own kitchen - many successful large operations began this way. Set yourself apart from competitors with specialized services like kosher, ethnic, low-carb, or vegetarian menus. NOTE: One large catering company in my town started on a kitchen table and bcame a $Billion business.
  • 9) Wedding/Event Planner. If you are good at organizing events and have many good contacts, then you can become a great wedding/event planner. There are many online certification opportunities for this growing industry. Women are more frequently renting their gowns and bridesmaid dresses, so that is another possibility for services to offer.
  • 10) Personal Trainer. Check the National Federation of Professional Trainers for information about the certification process for becoming an authorized personal trainer. If you like exercise and helping people, this may be for you. Make sure that you have CPR and First Aid training for any physical activity class you teach - no exceptions.

Computer Repair

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Yoga Instructor.Computer RepairWeb-related businesses.
Yoga Instructor.
Yoga Instructor.
Computer Repair
Computer Repair | Source
Web-related businesses.
Web-related businesses.
  • 11) Yoga Instructor. Teach yoga classes if you are sufficiently advanced and good at doing yoga. There are a number of online resources, depending on the type of yoga that you practice. Check to ensure what types of licenses and certifications you may need. At least have CPR and First Aid training for any physical activity class you teach. The Yoga Alliance online gives you information about yoga schools, certifications, and insurance.
  • 12) Business Coach. Do you possess management or specialized business skills? If so , put them to work. International Coach Federation provides certification and a coach referral service for its members. There are also several franchises opportunities listed online for Business Coaches, Personal Coaches, etc. Check out Living on Purpose online
  • 13) Computer Repair. Computer repair is a never-ending industry. Get paid for fixing computer problems in your neighborhood and your city. Look online art Geeks on Call for an example of a franchise opportunity. You can start independently and pick up a franchise later if you wish, talking advantage of resources provided by the parent corporation.
  • 14) Web Design. If you can design quality Web sites, consider turning your skills into a home-based business. Although the software and hardware costs can be steep, good Web designers tend to be well-compensated for their efforts.
  • 15) Desktop Publishing. Do you have a creative flair for putting together brochures and newsletters? You can offer your own desktop publishing services to other small businesses. Software can be expensive, so make sure to give applications a trial run or take a course before investing in one.

  • 16) Remodeling. If you are a gifted carpenter or contractor, you can turn your passion into your own business. The SBA provides loans to experienced contractors looking to renovate homes or businesses in order to sell them.
  • 17) Medical and Legal Transcription. It is cheaper for businesses to outsource this work to independent contractors, so there is growing opportunity in this field. If you have transcription skills and the necessary equipment, you can easily work from home for a variety of different companies. Check community colleges for transcription training courses if you need one.
  • 18) Medical Claims Billing. This is a much-advertised industry and one of the most popular work-from-home businesses around. Be careful of fraudulent operations on the Internet, though, offering outlandish incomes.
  • 19) Accounting. There are many franchises available for CPAs (certified public accountants). Look online for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants for information and exact state requirements.
  • 20) Photography. Open a photography studio in your home. Remember that you will need quite a bit of space to shoot pictures, and a light-free space for a darkroom if you process your own film and prints. Sometimes larger photo companies will make a deal with you for reduced rates in order to garner your print business.


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    • Debbie Cook profile image

      Debbie Cook 9 years ago from USA

      I own a service business with my husband but I too constantly look for the "right" home business. One that I can add to your list is clothing alterations. I learned to sew at a young age and was earning extra money by the time I was 13. Even if all you know how to do is hem pants - there is a need for the service.

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 9 years ago from North America

      That's a good idea. I am always meeting someone who needs something hemmed, or buttons sewn on, or zippers replaced. Many children need patches sewn onto their uniforms for scouting and martial arts as well. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • Inspirepub profile image

      Inspirepub 9 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Hi Patty,

      I worked from home for years in marketing - marketing plans, copywriting, telemarketing scripts, direct mail campaigns, press releseases, and more recently internet marketing. If you can write well, you can make good money writing marketing materials.


    • Neil Ashworth profile image

      George Poe 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Great !! I've bookmarked this for further viewing..

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