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Businesses Need to Proactively Think about their Solid Online Presence

Updated on July 2, 2018

In the not so distant past, the only way to shop for anything was to visit a retail store. There a person can get his hand on virtually anything from a common pin to a generator that can run a whole factory. Even nowadays, retail giants like Walmart and Target try to lure the customers coming to their stores to get amazing discounts, the ease of buying through a website is the preference of most people nowadays.

Just look at the scenario that was the standard all over the world from USA to a remote city in the Middle East. Brands used to sell to retailers and retailers to the customers on shops and malls. Fast forward to today and end users or consumers can now directly contact companies or brand manufacturers in this concern. And this is an aspect that has far reaching consequences for businesses worldwide. Read on to know what it is as it will be discussed in detail now.

Why the Need for a Website?

Customers who shop on the Internet think of a website as a place where they can easily browse the items and get what they want in a hassle-free manner. So a strong online presence for any company regardless of its size and in the industry in which it competes. That’s the reason they definitely need the assistance of a web design agency to attract the audiences in hordes. And apart from design, an ecommerce ready website must be developed comprehensively too.

An example in this regard will be highly useful so that’s why I have used the following one to make sure you get my point of view right. Website of Nabisco, an American manufacturer of cookies and snacks. was not up to the mark in terms of design and development up till few months ago. But they start getting huge traffic to their website in spite of any major marketing push. However, the parent company of Oreo, Mondelez made an agreement with Google in 2014 to focus more on online video to market their products.

How Android’s Latest Version made Oreo even more Famous

In Oreo’s case, the reason turned out that Google’s Android’s new operating system was named O and it speculation started on a big scale that it represented Nabisco’s Oreo cookies. Well, it’s now official as Android’s new version is officially named Oreo. The development prompted manufacturers of Oreo to revamp their website completely in order to cope up with the increasing traffic. They even hired the services of a renowned website development company to make sure they get their work done quickly.

While Oreo is a huge brand in many companies around the world especially in the North American region, it got huge attention from the moment Android O was announced. According the chief marketing strategist of Branex UAE, Mr. Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui, “This was once in a lifetime opportunity for Oreo to really cash it on the trend as Android is the most popular and widely used operating systems for smartphones across the globe.” And with just a basic effort like revamping their website design and development, the really nailed the trend.

What’s the Lesson for Other Companies from Oreo’s example?

The lesson is simple and quite straight-forward; in today’s time and age the opportunity can knock on your door anytime. So any company must keep a close eye to how its website looks and is it ready to handle a sudden rush in terms of huge traffic. There are numerous scenarios that can arise just like Oreo or a new product that turns out a hit overnight and can literally crash the website if it is not developed to cope up with such insane number of visitors.

In the case of Oreo, a cookie, a dazzling website featuring trendy designs and nice use of vibrant colors make it standout in the crowd. Another scenario can be a business website that may get huge traffic just after its stocks becomes a hot commodity in the eyes of investors. On the whole it is not just a sudden boost in traffic that must drive you to make serious amendments to how your website looks. Businesses worldwide need to be proactive in this regard as the moment their product or service will get the boost, their website will feel the heat.

So making sure it is able to attract the visitors to no end and dealing with the transactions on an unprecedented scale is the need of the hour.


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