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Businesses owned by Athletes

Updated on June 19, 2010

There are many businesses out there that are owned by either current or former professional athletes. There are numerous sports figures with an entrepreneurial spirits and creative business minds.

The businesses vary from restaurants and nightclubs to automobile dealerships and shopping malls.

Being a professional athlete only lasts so long, so once their careers are over, a lot of them move into the business world. There are advantages that athletes have over the rest of us. They already have a name in which they use to market their new business.

For example, a restaurant with their name on it would have instant credibility and bring customers through the door. An auto dealership with their name in it would have the same effect.

However, in order to succeed, they would still have to have a good product, with good customer service. Their name alone would not keep them in business if the food and service was lousy for example.

Here are a few former professional athletes that have gone into business and have been successful.

Joe Theismann - Retired Quarterback Redskins is a Restaurateur.

Magic Johnson - Hall of Fame basketball player owns movie theaters, restaurants, athletic clubs, and shopping malls

Roger Staubach - Quarterback, is in Commercial Real Estate.

John Elway - Hall of Fame Quarterback, owns car dealerships.

Bart Starr - Hall off Fame QB owns a real-estate company.

George Foreman – Owns the George Foreman grill and other products.

Hank Aaron - Hall of Fame baseball player owns a Car Dealership.


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    • Bilaras profile image

      Edward Harris MSc 7 years ago from Earth

      If managed properly famous athletes can earn million within few years of retirement. Thanks for sharing this hub