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Buy Gold Online | Sell Gold Online | Is BullionVault A Scam?

Updated on July 22, 2009

Most people use the Internet for questionable activities and finding pictures of captioned cats, but smart people buy and sell gold online. Apparently.

Bullion Vault Online offers a free gram of gold bullion when you start trading on their online platform. In fact, they give you free gold and free cash. It sounds like it is too good to be true, but that's the sort of thing a cynical person says. A cynical person who doesn't have a free gram of gold, or any free cash and who hasn't signed up and funded their gold trading account online. I'm sure there is a very altruistic reason for giving people free money and precious metals, as the Bullion Vault Online site states, they just want to make sure people are able to “have a go” at gold trading, so if you don't fund your account in a reasonable amount of time, why, they will give your free gold to someone else. I guess you better hurry up and give them some money so that they give you some money very soon!

(This reminds me of that time a lovely Nigerian Prince contacted me and asked me to send him a hundred dollars so that he could send me a hundred million dollars. That trade hasn't come through just yet, but I am pretty sure that it is only a matter of time.)

When you buy gold with Bullion Online, you get to choose where to keep your gold, in a professional storage facility in New York, Zurich, or London. This is important because bullion must not lose its integrity. If gold bullion loses its integrity by being kept anywhere but a professional vault, then it is not valued as highly as gold which has never seen the light of day. This may make the prospect of owning gold sound a little like owning Schroedinger's cat, but I can tell you, when they came to sell that cat, they got full value for it.

Some people will buy anything online, but I reckon that there are a few things you probably shouldn't buy online. Your wife, for instance, it's never a good idea to buy a wife online, who knows where she's been stored prior to arriving at your home?

Should you buy gold online? Well, it is certainly possible to, and legitimate online gold trading companies do exist. BullionVault Online has been in business since 2005, seems to have many happy customers (according to their Twitter feed, they're storing 18 tonnes of gold for clients, and if anything is reliable, it is a Twitter feed. RIP Jeff Goldblum) , There are no major scam warnings out for the company at this time, and they have been used as sources by the Telegraph, which implies some form of media inferred legitimacy.

This is the Internet, don't think you're getting out of here without a LOLcat...
This is the Internet, don't think you're getting out of here without a LOLcat...


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Times, they are a changing. And unless you change with them you will be left behind. Both the US and UK governments are printing massive amounts of money out of thin air, and backed by nothing.

      The more money they print, the more the existing money in circulation loses it's value, causing inflation in the long term. Gold, on the other hand has always kept up with inflation, which is why it is being purchased today - as a hedge against the coming inflation.

    • profile image

      Michael Martin 

      9 years ago

      Nice post.

      I believe in today's economic climate, there is no better opportunity to be investing in gold.

      The U.S. government has 'printed' more currency in the last year than has been created in the previous 2000 years!!.

      Its insane to think that all this money creation will not have an effect on the economy over the coming years.

      Massive inflation will be coming and it is very important to be correctly positioned. But getting financially educated is the first step to protecting your money.

      Michael Martin


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