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Buy Office Supplies

Updated on December 18, 2010

Office Supplies Online

Every home office or formal business office eventually runs out of supplies. Employees may be asked to pick up a few items on their lunch hour, but this strategy engenders resentment over time. Look online for all the supplies necessary to keep every office up and running. Staples, paper, envelopes, printer ink, paper clips, and a virtually infinite list of other supplies can be conveniently ordered. Delivery direct to the office front door is much more convenient than waiting for someone to go to lunch and swing by the department store.

Here are the best office supplies, as voted by purchasing dollars. Office managers and business owners know what they need. Look no further than online office supply stores that (almost) never run out of stock and never close. Place your orders after hours to keep every employee productive when they are supposed to be productive.

Rolodex Supplies Caddy

Having consumables readily at hand makes employees more productive. Time spent looking for pens, pencils, post-it notes, and paper clips is time that can't be recovered. This extremely handy caddy organizes items that every office worker needs. Specialized compartments hold each commonly-used item on a business desk.

A convenient drawer pulls out to provide easy access to post-it notes. Above the drawer are small compartments for paper clips and other small accessories such as clips and staples. No one wants their customers to see a messy and disorganized desk: this caddy will give a professional look to any office.

Stop searching through the desk drawers and supply cabinets: have everything you need immediately at-hand. This handy item also makes a great inexpensive gift for folks in the office that are hard to buy for.

Sparco 90206 3-Tier Steel Mesh Desk Tray

Shuffling through stacks of papers is a massive time-waster. A desk covered with sheets and sheets of paper might make you look busy, but it actually slows you down significantly. This handy set of mini-shelves conveniently organizes papers into more manageable categories and saves desk space at the same time. Instead of reaching into a filing cabinet and searching through innumerable file folders, simply keep your most-used papers and forms on top of your desk.

This tray is also invaluable for providing forms to customers. Put several on the receptionists table or near the front door and stock them with catalogs, brochures and any blank forms that customers are always asking for. Show the world that you're organized and ready for business.

One unique feature of this tray system is the handle on top. You can pick it up with one hand and carry it to meetings or to other people's desks when the need arises. the drawers also slide toward you for extremely easy access.

Swingline Collectors Edition 747 Rio Red Business Stapler

Every office is required to have several of these staplers scattered about for easy access. There might be a state law to that affect.

The Swingline 747 has become a classic office supply and also a pop culture icon. Don't be caught napping: if someone steals yours, always have one in reserve. You wouldn't want to get so angry that you feel like burning down the company.

Yes, it preforms stapling duties admirably, but it's so much more than that. Everyone who has ever seen the movie Office Space will admire your taste in staple application devices.

VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner

A copier that costs upwards of 5 figures is a useful tool, but a hand-held scanner fills a huge niche in your arsenal of office supplies. Sometimes it's inconvenient or impossible to get a book into a sheet feeder. This amazing device will scan any document into your computer. Simply drag it across the page, wherever the page might be.As you drag, the little scanner builds a digital image of the page.

You can make copies of documents without removing them from bindings. You can scan the front cover of a book or any other printed material without taking it apart. There's no need to remove staples anymore.

Make color copies as well as black and white copies. Your documents can be stored in a "Micro SD" storage card, just like some digital cameras use. You can also send the scans directly to your computer: this device will plug into any Windows computer that has a spare USB port.

Fellowes Powershred W-11C Cross-Cut Shredder

At the end of the day, every business needs a shredder. Your office may have nothing to hide, but your information has everything to hide. Be very suspicious of anything you throw away that could be used against you. Drop your old bank statements, credit card bills, and confidential meeting minutes into a shredder rather than trust the recycling service to destroy it for you.

Put this convenient device in the corner, where the office trash can would normally be. Your employees will feel much safer knowing that their personal information has been reduced to tiny incomprehensible bits of paper that cannot be recovered.

Canon PIXMA MX870 Wireless Office All-in-One Printer

Sharing printers in a small office can be a chronic headache. A printer connected to a single computer means that the computer must be left 'on' all the time. A printer connected to the office server computer means that the printer is usually in an inconvenient location or tethered to an excessively long cable stretching from the server closet to the main work space.

A wireless printer, on the other hand, can be located in the most convenient location available. Since it's not physically connected to any computer, it's can go where the action is. You can move it to a conference room for meetings, then move it back to the cubicles for everyday use. you can locate it next to the person who needs it most, even if that person changes every day.

Another huge advantage of a wireless printer is the support it provides for laptop users that visit your office. Instead of searching out a physical connection to your wired network, these visitors can simply begin printing when ready. This is a great physical convenience and also a significant reduction in security concerns because these computers can print without having have access to your office network


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