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Buying from International Market Vs Buying from Local Market

Updated on August 26, 2016

The global businesses are diversifying itself at a fast pace for the reason that people are now prefer to buy online rather going to stores. It saves a lot of energy, time, and their bucks which they can easily use to pay their bills or taxes. With the boom in online business, hot new trends of closing retail stores are also on the rise. The most important reason is again the online effect; that changes the financial sides of the market and its development. Now people can buy their desired goods from wherever they want and that product can reach their homes in just few days. Only because of this trend, many new online giants are now ruling the ecommerce industry. But, they all need one thing for their goods to transport safe and sound from warehouses to customers door step and that is certainly a packaging.

Packaging is basically equipment or different types of boxes made for the purposes of transporting goods, protecting the goods from harmful effects, storing the goods so we can use them for a long time, and for the selling purposes. Packaging has very significant part in our daily life and we think packaging as a box, container, carton, tin, envelope, bottles, pots, and wrapping. There isn’t any legal definition associated with packaging because we are not able to pack any liquid product in paper package. That is why packaging is simply a protective coating for products and our shopping.

Packaging Box

Packaging is now a full fledged business in most of the countries and considered as a major source for employment opportunities. The most important item used for packaging all over the world is packaging box. Now a day’s these boxes are categorized in to different types related to their purposes.

  • Bulk Box:These boxes are mainly used in shipment of large industrialized items. Bulk boxes are made up of fluted corrugated sheet and have covers also.
  • Crate: These boxes are made up of wood and used for shipment of heavy items. Crate is the best mean for transporting goods securely from one place to another only because of its strength.
  • Corrugated Box: These boxes are made up of corrugated sheet or a fiberboard and widely used for shipment by most of the businesses.
  • Carton: These boxes or shipment containers are usually made up of paperboard and also known as a pack or box. Cartons are widely used by retail businesses and available in different shapes like folding carton, egg carton, aseptic carton, and gable top.

Global Packaging Market

In packaging industry, the market or competitive gain can only be achieved by providing high quality raw materials which will eventually provide the far above the ground value of finished product. If we take a look on global markets, we’ll come to know that universal demand of packaging boxes is forecast to increase more than 4 percent per annum through 2017.

  • Potential Outsource Regions: The highest increase in demand for packaging boxes is occurring from rising regions like Asia & Pacific and Middle East & Africa. Due to strong growth in industrial sectors and increase in markets of consumer products, the packaging markets is on a boom and having benefit of high returns on investments. By keeping these factors in mind, one can easily buy all kinds of packaging and shipping boxes of their desired quality in relatively near to the ground cost. The benefits of getting these boxes from intercontinental markets are starting from low cost; which is only because of very less cost of labor and material availability. Many countries are now focusing on outsourcing to get maximum benefits of high profits. But, the major drawback of purchasing from international market is high price due to any global incident and you cannot fulfill the demands of customers on timely basis if you are only focusing on other regions. First mover advantage can only be gain by providing latest products to customers before anyone else and in outsource business model, it is impossible to achieve that feat.
  • Perks of Local Markets: With positive boom in packaging industry, so many companies are trying their luck to gain customers confidence, prevalence, and time. In this regard, the packaging items itself acts as a representative of brand name and investing in delightful packaging is as valuable as investing in other profitable business. So buying from local markets means you can have all the perks of latest designs, premium quality, and inspiration of showing a colorful design to all your kith and kin.

In case of doing business from local merchants or vendors is far greater than having an international dealer. It is a fact that every product small or big needs a pack or container for packaging after manufacturing. So a packaging box is a must have product required for shipping the goods to end users. In these days, more than 80% of packaging is done by using corrugated boxes and out of these 80 percent, almost 40% products are related to food and beverages. If you are an entrepreneur and looking for a packaging items for your products than Do It yourself is not a good idea. For packaging business you must have skills, a solid business plan, machinery required to manufacture the packaging items, license to start the business, and raw material. So it is better to choose a local vendor who can fulfill all you packaging demands according to your requirements.

Benefits of Local Vendor

The packaging industry is extremely uneven in nature due to numerous factors which are prevailing in international markets. Sometimes it is hard to manage the pressure of being a market player and due to a high competition from global vendors the most concerning matter is pricing and quality of packaging items. But, the solution of all these issues is available in doing business with local vendors. We can easily do business in local markets on our own terms, where targets of quality and nominal cost can be highly achievable. In packaging items, the most common is shipping boxes or containers made up of corrugated paper. The reasons for the commonality of these boxes are effective padding, unproblematic manufacturing, easy for the purpose of storing and dumping, benefits of printing and marketing with added advantage of recycling. We can gain all these benefits as per our budgetary limitations by doing business and growing relations within the local markets.

As The World Gets Bigger, We Must Buy Local


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  • linda-allen profile image


    2 years ago

    Well buying from global or local markets, both have its own advantages and disadvantages. Good writing stuff. Keep it up

  • ambrosecarney profile image

    Ambrose Carney 

    2 years ago from Melbourne

    Informative and interesting article Really :)


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