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Updated on May 6, 2011


It took my daughter in law to open my eyes. For years I have teased and grumbled about her candle mania. Everywhere in her home there are candles of all shapes, sizes and fragrances. I just took it as a personal thing to her but recently she has made me take a wider perspective.

Indeed, I now realise that my wife has quietly infiltrated our abode with candles and also, becoming a House Sleuth , I have been secretly checking the average number per home of friends and family. What I discovered shocked me at the size of the Candle market. I then realised that wherever we go out shopping sooner or later, we arrive at candle merchandise.

Then, we received a present from a friend that was, yes, a candle. This however was custom made by her own fair hands, to reflect one of my sporting interests and it totally captivated me. Our friend explained that she had begun to make her own candles as a pastime, and had found that she had a knack for it and that soon ,others were showing an interest in her efforts. Thus, for her initially, it was the "what to give?" for presents solved and with a certainty that what was given was appreciated. She had effectively the basis of a home industry.


Whether, for hobby or commercial purposes, everything worthwhile demands time, patience, study and flair. Our friend explained something of the factors involved. There is the burning{sorry for pun} question of the sort of wax to use for what is intended, then the choice of wick, these being the two integral components of course of the whole article. But also, the style to produce gives a variety of alternatives, such as, Pillar, Votive, Taper, even Tea Lights have their own character. The would be candle maker, must learn and master all these and much more, but that is why it is an absorbing hobby for all who wish to give it a try, regardless of sex or age. Maybe it could fit you?


In discussion, we turned to think of aspects required to develop the cottage industry that my friend, by accident, had founded. We have looked at research into actually making,labelling, boxing and packaging and sourcing supplies for all aspects involved. Research has been thorough and I link for you, at the end of this, an impressive guide that may be of help for a modest outlay, whether you want to just start the hobby or branch it out into the marketplace in some way. A human is happiest, I was told when they can make their hobby, their work. Candle making is ,for many, a most satisfying hobby, which with help could become a real income source. Even so if the latter does not interest you, your friends will appreciate receiving the fruits of your hours of involvement, and that is for sure. So ,if you doubt me, just check around your and your friends homes. It is a rarity these days for candles not to be found everywhere and often in abundance. You will discover that I am correct and also maybe you will find a hobby, perhaps more, for yourself.


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