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City of San Fernando Partaken in the Zero Waste Month 2018

Updated on June 3, 2019
Emalyn Magtoto profile image

Emalyn is a licensed pharmacist and also a writer for four straight years.

Zero Waste Month

You Are a Great Help!

The whole month of January is also known as Zero Waste Month. Every year, different advocates are presented by the different provinces in the Philippines. This year, the celebration of Zero Waste Month was held last January 16 to 19, 2018 at Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. Being one of the lucrative cities in the Philippines, City of San Fernando attended and participated on the invitation of Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) and the Mother Earth Foundation (MEF) as part of the Zero Waste Month 2018.

The main advocacy of the Zero Waste Month in Dumaguete is to get rid totally of the plastics around the city and hoping to whole country. Each provincial and city representatives will present their own advocates and try to get hands from the officials present in the celebration. Councilor BJ Lagman, being the chief delegate of San Fernando, has presented the environmental advocacy of San Fernando about the plastic usage and how do San Fernando overcome the issue. Other San Fernando delegates, has explained how the youth participated in implementing the Zero Waste City and the challenges they met while executing the ordinance. It is noticeable to every Kapampangan who visits San Fernando that plastics are outlawed in the city. Not only San Fernando, but also other places in Pampanga has taken their part in prohibiting the use of plastic and the Zero Waste campaign.

Participating in the Zero Waste Month is a simple but great help to save our mother nature. A piece of candy wrapper trolling in the streets can be a danger to both human and animals. Your cup of instant coffee with latte scattering behind trash cans is a threat to us. It is so hard to understand that WE can afford buying such things but MOST of us cannot do the responsibility of cleaning the mess they made. What is the sense of having bunch of money and a pot of gold if you, yourself, do not know how to discipline yourself like the simplest thing of throwing the garbage in the proper place.

I will ask you a question. Do you like to live in a world of TRASH? Who made those trashes? We, right? So what is my point? We like to protest about the trashes everywhere but in reality, these trashes came from ourselves. Picking a piece of candy wrapper seems to be hard than throwing an empty cup of cup in the streets.

I really do not know the reason, but maybe because of time? I agree that sometimes we are in a hurry that we do not realize what we have done. But do we need to do this every day? One to two times is enough right? Our world is suffering that's why our lives is also living in a threat without realizing it. Can you imagine your future child inhaling your trash?

I think officials and business persons have a great part here. Focusing only on business can affect the environment. That's why I want them to realize how to be a real PROFESSIONAL. Business is business. But taking the risk of damaging the world just to save your business, is a big no-no. It is not too late, maybe? There is still time and room for improvement. A good leader doesn't only think about his team but also the people around him outside the capsule. If you cannot do it, at least influence the others to do it. You can do it! We can still do it!

Our world is facing a great commotion with the environment. Here in the Philippines, aside from overpopulation, pollution and natural sources depletion, waste disposal is a big no-no. That’s why different advocates and programs are implemented by the government to help our environment. But the only challenge is people neglecting the government awareness. You, you can help. Helping doesn’t mean you need to take part worldwide, but helping means starting from little step until you can influence others. You can start by proper segregation, avoiding plastic usage, or just picking the piece of candy wrapper beside your foot. It’s not a big deal for others. But for the environment itself, YOU ARE A GREAT HELP.

© 2018 Emalyn Magtoto


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