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Communitcation is the key

Updated on June 18, 2013

Some parents has to listen

Being parents all of us make mistakes with our children. Parents have to be firm and consistent about how to discipline their Children in to day's society. One minute a children can be likable, in a second their whole demeanor change.Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world because of all the problems that mother's are faced with. Some mothers make mistakes by trying to be a friend to her children, that is risky and inconceivable. Parents has to communicate with the needs of their children, recognizing when small issues could turn into major problems .There are so many perspicacious children who are dealing with emotional problems such as mental illness, depression, poverty, isolation ,Bipolar, drugs, obesity, molestation and peer pressure to belongs. A strong family unit is a unit that educate and teaches our child to have respect for them selves with values and morals. I watched a show that was shocking and appalling,mother's sat in tears because of the disrespect their 13 year old daughters betrayed own national TV. This is the last hope we have they cried, I am looking for someone to come to my door tell me that my daughter is dead. It's not up to a talk show to teach a child about life and the dos and don't, that's the duties of parents. I remember when I was a kid my mother was never my friend, she was my mother and my protector.When mothers spoke children listen, there was no compromising one did what were expected of them. Parents have to learn to communicate better with their children without expecting; others to do their job. The key is to communicate with your child daily, if there are changes in him or her seek professor help.


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