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Updated on July 24, 2009

Human Resource Incompetence

 Thought about applying for a job at CONVERGYS.....think again. 


Many call center positions exist in the US, most are run by decent companies that actually do make a difference.  They actually care about the business that they support, and do so with World Class Customer Service.  This is not a charge that CONVERGYS can claim to live up to.

Based in Cincinnati, OH, with offices all over the US, Asia, Europe.  This is a huge company that forgot a long time ago that the employees are actually what makes the business function.  The more qualified the employees are, the better the service they provide.  CONVERGYS figured that OUTSOURCING jobs was the best way to retain clients, provide mediocre results, but still allow the fat-cats in Cincinnati to draw nice earrnings.  Take the ONSTAR account for example.

The first taste of CONVERGYS that I had left a bad taste in my mouth.  Introductions were made after the announcing of the change in the servicing of the Onstar contract.  During the intial meetings a man was introduced as a Human Resources Specialist to assist in the transition from EDS to CONVERGYS.  Only a couple months later, there was no use for this employee as an HR representative, so he was offered a Team Leader position on an account that he had no knowledge of, and was expected to monitor, evaluate, and manage a team of Onstar employees....

Fast forward, about a year later,  CONVERGYS wants to cut some of the fat from the organization, they hang this guy out to dry, fire him (easy to do in Michigan that is an at will employment state) and CONVERGYS simply keeps on keeping on.  Over $200M in contracts has been awarded to CONVERGYS - GM gets the reward of a good 30-50% of it's core business at Onstar transferred to MAKATI CITY, in the Philippines... sure the employees speak broken English, who cares, they are only tasked with taking calls from GM customers that are fed up with dealing with ineffective, rude, and incompetent employees on the Onstar account in general.  Add more insult to injury GM -- read Government Motors.  This is really the downfall of the slowest to adapt business, and decisions like bringing CONVERGYS on board to support key business like ONSTAR is exactly why GM is in such a state as they are.

Poor ability to manage the business of manufacturing autos, trucks, and SUV's has led to the splitting of the core holdings, a downward spiral in the servicing of key components like Onstar, and a desparate need to change the leadership and servicing of GM core business.

Think I am just rambling on .... think about it -- GM fails to publish any financial information about Onstar because presumably the ONSTAR business is a private company.  Not trading stock on the NYSE allows GM to bury the financial white elephant that ONSTAR is in the companies all to deep pockets.

Other reasons for this collapse, hiring vendors like CONVERGYS that have cheapened the end product, ONSTAR services, to an all time low.   Many a time I have heard people say that they would not have ONSTAR even if it was free.  REASON:  ONSTAR is run by employees that are poorly trained, incapable of caring about the business as the average employee makes $10.50 per hour, and has an attitude from day one of orientation.

Who do you blame -- simple "Human Resources" those all to un-human employees tasked with finding people to keep the seats warm at the ONSTAR call center in Pontiac, MI specifically.  The applicant pool is relatively simple, go to McDonalds, get the worst of the employees there, and hire them to support a $200M account as an Onstar Representative.

Technology is the reason that GM made this band-wagon come into existence.  They have innovated a technology that was relevant, but madea fatal mistake.  Hiring CONVERGYS as the major provider at 3 out of 4 call centers was the biggest mistake.  The skill level for the average employee is so poor that simple computer skills must be trained.  In today's market of technology, can GM afford to hire such incompetent staff to run this ONSTAR business?

Please tell me I am going to wake up from this nightmare that CONVERGYS has foisted upon the unassuming American and Canadian people who are victims of ONSTAR.   Every company has areas that need to be cleaned up -- GM needs to do the right thing, FIRE CONVERGYS, hire a company that believes in the business and WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE, and support the account properly.  Think of how many good call center agents you could have waiting for calls on ONSTAR if only you fired a few overpaid executives at ONSTAR and GM....

Better still, fire all the "Power-Brokers" at Onstar and GM, it's time for a leaner, meaner, and more responsive ONSTAR and GM to rise to the top.  This business of deception thatGM has embarked on is a mess -- get OBAMA-MAN on this one if there is hope of raising the bar in the automotive telematics business.   Have GM openly explain their ONSTAR business and it's inner workings to the major shareholders, that's right, Americans now own 61% of GM.....

Time for the sh*t to stop, and for accountability to be the cornerstone of the CONVERGYS and ONSTAR business....

Call Chet Huber, President of Onstar -- surely he'll have one of the Phillipine call center agents take your call and try to explain your concerns, in broken Engrish for sure....

Good luck.... more later.


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    • profile image

      bthpckrs 16 months ago

      Convergys shut down the work at home program and gave our jobs to agents in Costa Rica. They did move some to other projects, but left others of us as seat warmers until the project closes completely. IN the mean time those of us that are still there are worried about them firing us as to avoid unemployment benefits. Example: Checked my schedule for today at llpm then this morning, I clock in to find they changed my schedule so now I'm late for work. I double checked this last night b/c I KNEW they'd try something under handed (and they did)... so pissed I didn't take screen shots.... HORRIBLE COMPANY.. they will get you in the end when you no longer serve a purpose for them.

    • profile image

      Larry 18 months ago

      This is an old, OLD post but I feel the need to comment. I worked for Convergys for 10 years both as a phone rep and as a TL. Never before have I worked for a company that values its employees less than that place. I watched as employees were terminated under some very shady circumstances. Most of the Operations Managers and, indeed, the TLs had no business holding leadership positions. I was terminated because I dared to go out on PTO and a peer failed to approve my timecards for me while I was gone. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because about a month later I was hired by a company whose logo looks like a piece of fruit with a bite missing from it. If you are looking for a job with Convergys my advice is to keep looking. It's a dead end job and they don't care about you.

    • profile image

      random agreement with a sight of irony... 3 years ago

      I worked for convergys for 2 months and I live in the Philippines. Convergys, in my experience, really does get their money off of their trainees, because every trainee that cannot make it past the 6 month probationary training has the option to either be reprofiled ( only if they didn't pass their training exams ) or choose to leave ( which i did ). My advice, if you work for convergys and live in the philippines, opt for the reprofile, because they ask for a compensation for the trainer's fee which is mentioned in the contract (optional to pay) a total of 30,000 philippine pesos and what's worse is that they also almost never give you a copy of your contract.

    • profile image

      mariusz 3 years ago

      I worked in Convergys Philippines for 8 years. Based from what I read I just want to share that the Convergys culture is different in the Philippines. They don't fire people immediately. Agents are given months to improve. Team Leads are considerate and supportive. They take escalated calls without giving their agents a hard time. Yes it's not the best but I can say it's not bad either. Yes Filipinos don't speak fluent english but they are one of the nicest and most patient agents on the phone. It's sad that what you experienced is different.

    • profile image

      lady 3 years ago

      Yes, OnStar is a BIG joke! The middle and upper management are not even "human". They take everything you have to give, and more, while giving NOTHING in return! If you don't kiss butt good enough, they make your life a hell on earth. Then, they are not content to let you quit, but talk you into staying just so they can "fire" you. But they don't let you go in peace. They do everything they can to literally "destroy" you, and any chance to go on with your future plans. The dept. managers are the most horrible BULLIES you'll ever come across! The rest of them are "passive" bullies, who "act" nice to your face, but all the while are working behind the scenes to set you up for misery. This is the WORST company in America to work for! I would STARVE before working for a CRAP company like this ever again!

    • profile image

      cc 3 years ago

      oh well, if you're not happy with your job and company as well, you have the right to leave, no one is forcing you to stay, and please shut up mr. racist, for saying filipinos speak broken english,at least we uses our brains to think and learn something unlike some americans for asking how to use your gadgets etc,when you have a manual with you,use your brain,its free..hehe..

    • profile image

      nakakawalang gana 3 years ago

      hay nako.....parang ayaw ko na tuloy pumunta sa CVG bukas!.....

    • profile image

      MarK 3 years ago

      TL STORY;

      I know a guy who became a TL in this company just this year 2014 and WOAH! Super big deal to him to be with that position handling almost 18peeps and always keep on his mind IM THE MANAGER...well with that he got a Million car loan... And planning to have a condo in BGC... Kinda big salary? Or it's just Kayabangan nalang..and all he's agents was super bilib on him postin "your the boss" and on his fb page all his post is always with superior pose...But the secret behind that scene is not bcoz of he's salary in Convergys but it's bcoz they sold all old cars of the family and all family members used that car... Wehehe!...They just want people to see that he has now with a very big compensation for being TL But the real fact is for getting that position he got a lot of loan and good luck to he's kayabangan til when it will last with this Convergy's TL...

    • profile image

      Anti-Racist 4 years ago

      WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE - That's what Convergys is here for. How can we have the so-called "world class" if we don't hire offshore agents? You dare say you're more competent because English is your native language. Wake up to the reality that there are much more competent people in other parts of the globe who are not as demanding when it comes to pay. Convergys choose offshore agents because they deliver world-class results for a cheaper value. Convergys only shows how good it is as a company with the way it handles its finances, making it the most stable & awarded BPO til now. Can we stop being a racist? It's just showing how pathetic you are..for losing a job to someone who does not even speak native English.

    • profile image

      James 4 years ago

      Convergys is a bloody joke and a pathetic one at that. First they are nothing but liars. There's a supposed $300 signing bonus due to how high the turn over is over here... turns out that they used false advertising... the $300 is a referral bonus NOT a signing bonus. But then given as management seems to be a few short of a six pack [very simple] I'm not surprised.

      But I got to love how they favor the useless people [e.g. the fellow liars] and people that actually do things legit are forced to suffer.

      Example my friend, we'll call him Joe, prearranged with a-hole Convergys to take 2 days off to care for his daughter while his wife was in surgery. He prearranged this MONTHS in advance with HR. Well guess what his lovely hoe of a team lead has docked him points for it even though it specifically states in their contract that prearranged scheduling is NOT to be docked. And get this I say the team lead is a hoe because there's 2 guys [ugly bastards too that act tough, want a be thugs with their brains about the size of a pea] that ALWAYS come late. Even half an hour after we're on the phones and they've NEVER been docked points.

      And for those saying resign, really are you simple? Economy is TOUGH right now and people got to make money somehow. I mean I've know of one computer guy with a masters that was recently fired from his real work due to budget cuts. He has a mortgage, 2 kids, a wife, and a car loan to pay for. What's he supposed to do in the mean time before he gets another good job -- magic the money out of his ass?

    • profile image

      Anna 4 years ago

      I know third party outsource companies are the WORST. And it sounds here like Convergys is in the Top Three. I just got off the phone interviewing with convergys. It was a joke. The woman never told me anything about the job, just the training hours. She asked one stupid question after another, sounding very bored as she went down her non-human robotic list. One question she asked about my experience is have i used any software other than Microsoft. I said NO, she then said just name one. I thought if i haven't used any and it's NOT on my resume, why di i need to name what i don't know, and telling me to just name one so she can put it in the record. The interview was very clinical, it felt like i was speaking into a mechanical box to a machine at the other end. She finally stopped asking questions and stated there was no jobs at this time and i could apply again later in the year. I asked her to repeat herself, just because she ran it by me so fast i didn't catch i was being dumped. Honestly i had NOT researched this company before applying. I immediately went online to investigate and found this article, and i see now God saved me a world of frustration. These people are ignorant to say the least. Why i believe this to be true?? One of the questions she asked me is what do i do when i have a problem with management??? I thought that to be extremely ODD! And what do i do when a co-worker makes a mistake??? And tell me what you dislike about your last supervisior??? What? Seriously?? I was thinking WTF is she asking these type of questions for. If i am on the phone assisting customers, when and how do i have the time with a AHT of 7 minutes to help someone else????? And as far as a management is concerned, everybody knows management don't do squat!! And will they should run for office as a BS'ing attorney, because everything you say WILL be held against you!! I asked the interviewer do you mean what do i like OR dislike,,, key word OR. She said no! Tell me what you dislike about them. I said to myself right then, these people are ghetto and working there would be like working asylum with the patients in charge. That last post from Dave, i believe because i worked at another call center where the supervisior will harrasse you if you get up to go to the bathroom, and try to make you sit back down and wait til the computer says it's your break time. I've believe my entire career in a call center i was just doing time in an institution. The amount of hatred there could wipe out the planet. For those of you that do well in that environment more power to you. And if you can work there 2yrs straight i know you have bills to pay. It's funny the interviewer asked me where do i see myself in 5 years, I thought definitely NOT here. LoL :)

    • profile image

      dave 4 years ago

      I work at that shitty place as well..To the people saying suck it up here you are new or have a good job at Verge...They use bathroom breaks on your score cards worst place in the world..Simple

    • profile image

      ayen 4 years ago

      Why do investors like outsourcing (bpo) in the philippines? FILIPINOS are the best in customer service, although not better in spoken english as compared with the Americans who are impolite or discourteous. good character and product knowledge come first.bpo is booming here and the reason is clear.

    • profile image

      Anonynous 4 years ago

    • profile image

      Mash456 4 years ago

      You're right, they are a joke. I was just recently terminated for not getting sales for the AT&T project. Due to availability and basically customers who constantly complained about the old technology the company was using. I was with them for 2 1/2 years and all my team manager said was it was because I didn't make the metrics. That's total BS. They make you think you can have a future with the company to move forward, pay you an unlivable wage, force you to work overtime to try and sell an inferior product. At this point, I'm completely disgusted with Convergys and I'd never recommend them to anyone. Good riddance.

    • profile image

      Bigbassdrum60 4 years ago

      I worked for Convergys for 2 months. I couldn't wait to leave. The place runs on total Bullshit and they write the rules on the shithouse walls. Constantly changing policy. Constantly dangling the commision carrot that you never seem to get. Lousy, lousy, lousy place to work for $9.00 an hour. You can do better at Lowe's or Home Depot and not have to work the horrendous hours they throw at you.

    • profile image

      fed up 4 years ago

      I've been in this job for a little over two months and it was the worst decision I have ever made. I was placed on the eBay account and we only had 20 days of training. I mean, WTF?! eBay is a complex account since you have to take care of two main categories of clients (buyers & sellers) and you only give us 20 days to learn everything?! That would be alright if they'll be putting you on a department that deals with specific concerns, but no. They put you on the BSR department which deals with 90% of the caller's problems. How do you expect us to do that? And after the training where you just understand 10% of the account, you are dumped on the floor to take calls and expected to know EVERYTHING. The only hands-on we had was basic selling and buying on the site which everyone already know, even eBay members. What's the point of that? During training, we were supposed to be taught but I felt like we were just given an overview of an overview. The first call I got was a member asking about why his account was suspended and was talking about stuff I didn't even hear during training. After I placed the customer on hold, my trainer just went "Oh, that's an Issue 181, just go through the talking points." I wanted to tell my trainer, "WTF is issue 181!? And do you think I have time to go through the talking points at this moment?!" But since they expected us to know EVERYTHING since we finished training, I just nodded and tried to explain stuff to the customer. After that, I got a 'dissatisfied' rating from the caller, what else do you expect? The training should help you be more knowledgeable on the product that the customer or be equal with them, at least. But after my training, all my callers knew more stuff than me. Don't get me wrong, I tried to do my best during the training and my trainer even told me that I'm performing really well. But when I went to the floor, I felt clueless. Aside from product knowledge, you are expected to finish your notes on the customer's account within TWO MINUTES. That should be fine aside from the fact that you have a ton of applications opened on your screen which you are clueless on how to use because you were only taught a tiny bit during training. And aside from the fact that you have a lot of applications on your screen, each of them are very complicated to use. Clients pay Convergys per call but they pay us per day regardless of how many calls you got (You guys from the US are even luckier since you get paid per hour). Another thing that I hate is the 'training bond' where you'll pay the company if you leave early. The training bond lasts for four months but you are only trained for a month. I mean, I would understand if after the 1 month training proper, you would get special consideration on the floor BUT YOU GET NONE, you get to do the same thing as the regular agents, even more. So why is the training bond for FOUR MONTHS? WTF?! I would rather flip burgers and mop floors than to deal with this shit. Even if they offer a higher salary than most of the jobs here in the Philippines, the stress is not worth it.

    • profile image

      khoo 4 years ago

      I wrk 4 cnvrgys in india,n itz d dumbest thing,ive evr did,tking chats,d whole day..wit lotz of parameters...n d leave policy sucks..

      i guez evn if an employee was to die,the TL wud b stil askng hm to cme 4 work..dy r nt humns,dy shud hire robots...if dy so wanted

      Full perfection...

    • profile image

      One Cent 5 years ago

      Wow! to see that I’m not alone with the frustrations and pain this corporation has caused. I was with the company for 6 years taking verbal abuse daily. I helped train and mentor agents continuously for no extra pay. I did it for the love of helping others and I’m such a people person. Even after all the awards for accomplishments and perfect attendance for the whole time I’ve been there, I still was let go for “work performance”. It has been made next to impossible to be able to meet the stats that are required. And as a coach you are expected to be next to perfect even though there is only so much we can do for customers besides documenting cases. I have been accused of call dropping which did not happen however I have never had any write ups or warnings for anything either. Other agents get several write ups and are still there. I have reported several issues to the ethics line, but beware… when they say it’s anonymous, think about it. It gets looked into and then they of course know who it is. I have had so many agents come to me for advice and tell them to please use that line. The higher ups will do anything and everything to get out people they don’t want there. I have nothing to back me up either since I was not given anything and never signed anything. They over hired for the holidays and when the contract was in trouble decide to get people out. There were 11-12 other agents all let go in the same few days. How sad that “needs of the business” is more important than what the person you’re letting go needs. I now have no income and am a middle age woman trying to not lose my home now. I have been going over bills looking at what can be cancelled now and not being very successful at finding another job since now days 50′s are too old to be hired without a degree of some sort. The stress factor is so not healthy. Everything I have been reading in these complaints are so true, including descrimination, favortism, harrassment,humiliation, really slow systems which cause higher talk times and no seats and points given out constantly.I have watched unending amounts of agents being taken out in ambulances from that place, that says a lot right there. And to top it all off, when told nothing would leave the HR office when being terminated, it took 1 day for all the phone calls and texts I started receiving about what the TL’s and OM’s and even the Site Director were stating about me…so much for descretion and ethics. Sounds like slander to me, which is very prevelent in that building. Unemployment is still in limbo after almost 5 weeks.

    • profile image

      ECAR 5 years ago

      I worked at the Chattanooga , Tn office. I learned my job because they don't train you they give you info and its not enough time to know before they place you on the phones. They lie about schedules that you can go to church, or school, or its ok that your a single parent "they work with you ...NOT! No raises, No props for all the good that you did, Incorrect bonuses, Incorrect pay,Points are never removed, even if you have doctors notes, Threatened on taking bathroom breaks, threatened if you go i min past lunch ...Not getting your vacation pay when you put it in weeks ahead of time...Threatened while your on the phone trying to save Directv's customers..Operation managers RW, Om JP, OM KH all threatening agents to keep them inline, and having inappropriate relations w/agents and promoting the ones that participate. When clients come in they put on a show , buying gifts, snacks, playing music ect..acting very respectful and nice but as soon as clients are out of site back to disrespecting and threatening, I heard the OM threaten an agent on election day that she wasn't allowed to leave to go vote...I know thats against the law..They promised two individuals that came and trained the center in rentention Team Lead positions if they moved from Pharr, Tx...Well they lied they just demoted them because they would go by protocol and the chattannoga management didn't like that...If you think Convergys is a good company to work for then you just lucked out because This was the worst company i ever worked for...They put on shows for Halloween, easter ect..But if your kid fell at school and blacked out , you can go but still get a point even when you bring a doctors note....I think it would have been a good place to work if all was treated equal, but wasn't, they had faves, you were threatened daily about craziness like having water at your desk...we talk on the phones to save customers, threatened about bathroom breaks..just one a day wasn't tolerated. If the Hr would just tell the truth that your schedule varies , and you cannot go to church , because they always want you in on sat and sundays for straight time, and that even if you worked ot your pay is gna be wrong, you wont get your vacay pay even if its available, You wont move up in the company if your quiet and respectful...Several people i worked with talked about a man that dropped dead on call center floor and all they did was tell agents to get back on the phone, they wiped desk off cut the carpet out and said desk is ready for the next person. In my CRG training the different people got random nose bleeds all in the same day, They place too much stress on us as agents when we have enough from customers. They feed on a turnover rate. They force you out by the treatment thats given or if they cant force you out they fire you...I had and 80% save rate. My customers loved me because i related to them and cared and showed it....My Team leader said i needed to be more fake...I pray for anyone who applys there because it will change you , or kill you from the stress..all for what to feed your family...The president of the company needs to make surprise visits to really see what's going on...

    • profile image

      lewis 5 years ago

      convergys is great but you have too put up with a lot--the communication is not the greatest and if management or a supervisor does like you -beware they will be on you like vultures finding any little thing too get you in the loop of being walked out but if u just do your job you will be okay!!

    • profile image

      wichita wow 5 years ago

      still currently at convergys some moments i think its great place to work some i think its the dumbest thing i ever been apart of. the turn over rate is sad if especially on the at&t project i work over time constantly one of the posiitives about convergys they fixed the bonus issues when i got it plus my over time the check made me happy. more peoples attitudes started changing. no matter where you go or what you do you gotta have the right work ethic and do the right things regardless. are there retard TL's absolutely! do you have to be a lil weird to get a position most cases yes. there are people who should be fired that don't there are people who get fired that should not be. everybody from all different walks quit for all different types of reasons. truth is everything in this world is demonically influenced government, entertainment world, sports world every where. because no matter how much sense it makes to go ahead and value people as individuals they never will. your attitude and personality are going to make the difference of where you end up. a task master gives more work and make impossible demands and gives you no time to meet them and then beats you when ever he/she feels like. the key to turning this around is we need to get a big giant mirror and show leaders themselves and it might scare them into a change!!!!!

    • profile image

      dontknow 5 years ago

      Then why the hell are you guys lettings this jobs go over seas? If you imbeciles stop complaining and start doing something then we wont be in this situation doesn't it?

    • profile image

      The stalked 5 years ago

      Is have worked at convergys more than a year and have been stalked. Convergys has been aware of the situation and has done nothing to help, I stand corrected they have enabled the stalker and interfeared with judicial process. I filed suit against convergys now I am sitting back waiting to see how bad they terrorize me .....or try

    • profile image

      nseries 5 years ago

      I understand that you all failed us a convergys employee. Why not look for another job and shut the hell up.

    • profile image

      Convergys Is Hell 6 years ago


      The reason you have to learn English is because technology has united the world and people in the English-speaking world are largely the ones who made it possible. We don't have to speak Filipino because it's irrelevant. The day your culture contributes enough to the world that the people of the world need to learn your tongue is the day you can say you earned the right to make that arrogant post of yours.

    • profile image

      Convergys Is Hell 6 years ago

      I currently work at a Convergys operation and that is going to end soon. I know they hire a lot of young people who think they can show up anytime they want and play on Facebook all day, but even a grownup can find things to complain about. Broken computers, phones, and chairs are commonplace and are not repaired. The software you use crashes, shuts off, and hangs frequently throughout the day. The facility is filthy. Calls are often back-to-back and you are required to follow a detailed path for every call even when the specifics of that call do not match a pre-defined solution. There are policies in place that totally contradict each other, for example if a customer must have their problem resolved at a later time you will fail the call if you do not setup an appointment to call them back. When you do need to call them back the system operators often deny you the ability to call them back because they want you to answer the new calls, and you are penalized for failing to make that promised callback. If you are allowed to make those outgoing calls then you are penalized for not being online for receiving new calls. You are expected to get the calls done fast, but many problems require us to unleash a flood of unwanted verbose crap onto the customer or involve numerous unnecessary steps that do nothing but waste time. There are lots of examples of insane policies like these. There are a lot of complaints about the low pay and poor benefits, but those are things you know up front. The sad thing is with a little common sense the place could be a decent environment for entry-level and mid-level professionals because a lot of the problems with the place wouldn't really cost anything to fix and some would actually cost nothing.

    • profile image

      Convergys India 6 years ago

      I got recruited with Convergys in India a few months ago, guess what, we are being paid less than USD $390 a month, it's hard to manage all my expenses with such a shit pay but I have to do it anyway because I am a fresher in the industry & have no work experience. Everyone in this world has problems so stop complaining about yours.

    • profile image

      Eljhz... 6 years ago

      I don't care about Convergy's or how they do business and all that,but i just wanna say something to onstarsucks,never malign Filipinos..Think about this,English is just our second language(third or fourth language to some)but we're even better than you americans in terms of grammar and stuff!!!YEs,you might be good in speaking the english language bec that's your first language..Besides,do you even know how to speak other languages?????i doubt it....speak in FIlipino and im sure we all will laugh at YOU!!!!gago ka,taena mong kano ka!!!!

    • profile image

      Bem 6 years ago

      I work at convergys in florida jax and believe it is the wost place ever. The managers treat us like animals not people and nothing happens to them. They don't put qualified people to work they put the lower people they can find so they can get on peoples nerves until those people quit

    • profile image

      Rayoekis 6 years ago

      .hey who the hell are you? Filipinos are the best race to speak English across Asia don't you dare mock our race ever again.

      "Onstar transferred to MAKATI CITY, in the Philippines... sure the employees speak broken English, who cares, they are only tasked with taking calls from GM customers that are fed up with dealing with ineffective, rude, and incompetent employees on the Onstar account in general."

      if it so happen that I saw you here in our country I'll definitely kick your ass.!

    • profile image

      daiva 6 years ago

      I,work at,CONVEGY and its true they don't traine you and expect u to know every thing and then when u get a cx that ask u something u don't know nobody wants to help u and the basically,tell u to bull shit ur way out pf it and then to top,it off the people that,call are,super mean and rud

    • profile image

      Convergys Can Do Better 6 years ago

      Convergys can do better as a company. I mean $9 an hr sucks when you are required to do a resolve, take pmt, place order, discourage to leave, hard upsell programming pkgs, equipment, bundles and apologize to customer for their frustration of loosing channels on the DTV program. You better met monthly sale goes or you are written up and subject to termination. A good agent with good morals and values will do their best no matter what but these companies expect agents to do this with little motivation or cost incentive is out of this world. This job is like a pyramid scheme the high press on sales so the TL and GM can get their cut on the Sale. But if the customer removes the programming pior to 45 days the agent gets money taken away from paycheck. I'm sure this process doesn't happen with the TL or GM.

    • profile image

      AF 6 years ago

      So this is why no rep has actual IT knowledge recently, when I call

      Why am I still paying you assholes $200/mo if you don't even PAY AMERICANS A FAIR WAGE TO TAKE PHONE CALLS?


    • profile image

      georhar2 6 years ago

      Convergys hired me six mos ago and I serviced the Comcast account regarding billing and video (tv) repair issues. The training was a nightmare. They have someone showing you how to do things for 3 weeks with no hands on experience and worse yet, you are not allowed to make a copy of any of their training materials. If you get it, you better learn to write fast. The first few months they seem to work with you trying to get your average handle time to improve and other goals. Then after that every week during "e-coaching" you are berated for not doing this or that. They want your average handle time to be 7 1/2 min. They do not care about customer service. Customers are getting over charged by Comcast and we are supposed to justify their ripoff. For instance, if a customer decides to save a little money and order their equipment and the equipment turns out to be defective, or if their acct has the wrong rate codes and will not work, the customer must then pay $49.95 for a failed self install kit and send a technician to their home. What crap! I have had customers tell how they have been transferred 3 or 4 times when their issues are complicated and the other agents don't want to deal with them. I will never forget a customer who had a disability and spoke rather slow because of a stroke. He said people kept transferring him and he would have to start over every time. I took the time to listen to this man and assured him that I would do my best to assist him. I was able to resolve his issues after about 30 min, and he literally started to cry and tell me that I was the first person at Comcast that had actually taken the time to help him. All Comcast (who is actually Convergys) cares about are the numbers. They do not truly care about customer service. I worked in social work before coming to Convergys and was a director of two government programs and a grant writer. I had a retirement check that I could draw on and was only working here for the benefits (which were pretty good) and a little extra money. I know customer service! Comcast get away from Convergys before ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE GONE.

    • profile image

      PHARR 6 years ago

      From Pharr, Tx — 03/30/2010

      Pay: It pays the rent. More than minimum wage, and if you're single, and living on your own, it's pretty okay. Maybe also as a secondary source of income for a family, but I deffinitely don't know how people can support a whole family on just that salary alone. Respect: I rated it as a three. Supervisors there are only going to give you as much respect as you give them. Benefits: I'm going to be honest, I don't really know much about the benefits offered since I'm pretty young (still at an age where I think I'm invinsible, but I'm sure that will pass) The vision benefits are pretty great and not super expensive, from what I hear though, medical sucks. Job security: HA! as with all call center jobs, you are replaceable. Just make sure you are hitting all your metrics and meeting the call center goals, and you can pretty much guarantee your job as long as Convergys doesn't lose your project. Work/Life Balance: ah, this is where things get tricky. You make friends there. As you can see from other posts, it's imposible not to get the two mixed up. just be careful. It is possible to have a life outside of work, but only if you work either the super early shift (6-2:30) or the late shift. Mid day shifts suck because you're stuck at work for 8 1/2 hrs a day. Career Potential/Growth: another big HA! they rarely hire within the company, and when they do, i'm pretty sure there's a lot strings being pulled. sometimes there's opportunities to move from regular agent to trainer or at least floor support, but good luck with that. Location: OMG! to look at it on a map, the location is pretty sweet. it's centralized, so a lot of different communities can work there, but try not to get the night shift. It's in a pretty sketchy part of town and there's a lot of carjacking going on. Co-worker Competence: Some are good, some are just good at not getting caught doing something bad. Most know what they're doing, but since it's such a repetetive job, you'll see a lot of cheating the system going on. Work Environment: super relaxed. Like i said before, it's so easy to blur the line between personal and work life. Just don't take advantage of the situation and you'll be fine. This is a job that pays the rent. I would deffinitely not recommend it as a career, but if your'e serious about it, you'll do nicely here.

    • profile image

      I LOVE CONVERGYS!!! 6 years ago


    • profile image

      ThankGodItsOver 6 years ago

      Convergys is a nightmare. Working in fast food was a Swedish Massage compared to the horrors I faced at that sweat shop. They were lucky I cared enough to learn the material and I needed the work at the time to hang around. There is no knowledge that is power there. They only care about hiring someone with a pulse and as for advancement, they will promote idiots who kiss ass regardless of what they know. Everyone else said it nicely, schedules are horrible, forget part time if you're in school, no matter how many times you give your school schedule. You're better off working elsewhere since they will never honor it or it'll take months. Drug use, people dressing like slobs, commission isn't worth the pressure they try to put on you for selling, if you care and practically know more then your TL, you're seen as a threat rather than a competent TL a majority of the time. Boobs dictate all as well. They will give you BS about how you can't be off the phones to assist others off the phone then allow a stacked girl who knows jack crap about a project on, for example. Oh well, I work in a place now that treats me like a human being now. Good riddance.

    • profile image

      Help 6 years ago

      Does anyone who worked fr CVG know the name of the Program Manager for Postal??

    • profile image

      .... 6 years ago

      i have been with convergys for 2 years. most of your complaints here is true. my supervisor has a habit of power tripping and even if the HR knows about her attitude she was still promoted to a higher position which is UNBELEIVABLE!! management sucks!!

    • profile image

      Sick of Convergys as well 6 years ago

      I have also been with Convergys for many years, lets say over 8, and have been screwed as well. No raise for the last 6 years. Schedules change as they see fit doesn't matter what you have planned if they decide to change your schedule then it's done and screw your plans. Timed calls, schedule adherence go on your scorecard, but you still have to talk to your customers not matter if they have 1 - 100 different issues, and if it takes you 1-5 hrs there goes your calltime and if you are trying to get this down and tell the customer you can only work on 1-4 accounts which is possible in the allotted time then you repramanded for this. Also schedule adherence what a joke. Stuck on a long call but so be it you missed schedule adherence for the month you fault. Then they hire all these new people who get an earlier start time then you do because they only have one account to work on and your trained in multiple. So all the posts here are right. Some may be people who just like to complain but most are right. Kids get an education and stay far away from Convergys, cause they don't care about the customers or the employees. No extra quirks no matter what you do. Miss time and they will give you a shorter shift to help you show up for work,but come to work and get s%$# on. Never reconized for any good, but always for the bad no matter how small. Go to emergency room and get admitted and lose points on your attendence for it. Have a doc. appt. too bad can't give you time off, so you have to phone in sick and get points on attendance as well. And last but not least someone dies in your family and I am not talking about a distance relative and also get point against your attendence for going to the funeral. Good luck to new employees. The only reason I stay is for the money as I cannot afford to take a lower paying job which even then there aren't many where I Live. Canada because all outsourced to people who can't speak or understand English.

    • profile image

      Jessica 6 years ago

      Convergys makes a HUGE profit off training! I believe they need a turnover of 25 agents per month. Which means people need to be fired, or they need to quit. Also it why they try to cross train everyone. Ever notice how you get cross trained for one project, work it for a few weeks, and then go back to the old one? I was fired at convergys because I was pregnant, and I missed days, my sup told me not to call it, that she will see im not there and then cover my day. I had 63 points when I left there, for an inexcusable reason, because I was misinformed by a horrendously stupid TL. What they failed to realize was that I worked 20 hours a week overtime, and I made my $650 bonus for up sales EVERY TIME. My call times were well above average, I was one of the top 25 agents in a call center that harbors 500. In my call center if your not black, ghetto, or severely brain damaged you don't have a chance. Im sorry but call centers are nothing but office politics. You have to be good, or be gone!

    • profile image

      Graceu 6 years ago

      Was just terminated from Convergys on 12/30! I have been working in Call Centers for about 20 years and I have to say that Convergys is the worst Center I have ever worked in. Management picks and chooses which Policies will be enforced on any given day. They change your schedule by as little as 15 mins every week, so working a part time job is IMPOSSIBLE. I have a part time job that I have had for over 5 years (Retail - so not a lot of full time positions) and Convergys would not give me an earlier schedule to accommodate my part time job. Even though they knew about it from the beginning. Now, all I want is for my Final Check to be a paper check and not direct deposited - but calling HR Direct is no help guessed it! Foreign Agents whose English is so broken, I'm not sure what they were trying to tell me! If you are truly desperate for a job, go to Convergys (they'll hire anybody), BUT, keep looking for a better job, you'll be so much happier in the end!!

    • profile image

      Brandon 6 years ago


    • profile image

      jesa 6 years ago

      yesterday i interview by ms?? at shaw boulevard starmall AROUND 12 PM

      the interviewer was so perfectionist,all applicats are failed but some of them ,are agents from ader company...THIS IS MY FIRST TIME TO MEET A BULL SHIT GURL INTERVIEWER FROM CONVERGYS...WHAT A POOR COMPANY!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Magdelena 6 years ago

      Convergys "constructively" fires people to hire in cheaper employees.

    • profile image

      Ben 6 years ago

      Working with Convergys in Kansas, can't say I like it very much... The management is totally clueless half the time, and do not care about customers, only their precious billable hours. Silly really

    • profile image

      Denver 6 years ago

      I work for converygs Denver for the USPS project. Convergys has been THE WORSE!!! company I have ever work for. But I also blame the companies which hire convergys. These companies have to know that their costumers are been treathed like crap! At our site they tell you that you control your own raises, which is the biggest law suit waiting to happen cause it's so far from the truth. They gave us prices, which range from paper printed duck bills to a piece of bread! No, I'm not making this up. Horrible company! Fire people at will, specially the ones that have work for longer time, on purpose keeps it under staff, long waiting times for costumers, which means you're on the phone none stop, and I could go on. Business hiring Convergys, what are you thinking!?!?!?

    • profile image

      Steven McKay 6 years ago

      I never worked for Convergy's; I was a marketing associate for Sears in 1989, but failed to achieve even a basic sales quota. It is probably a similar story for some of these bellyaching sophomores. At 50, with a physical disability that used to seem mental to cooks, I might as well be mute. I know a man, Joseph, who knew a former Convergy's employee who may be a drug addict.

    • profile image

      Kristina 7 years ago

      I am currently an employee of 2 long yrs at convergys in lake Mary fl was also employed at the Chattanooga tn off where I was hired and 3 wks later was laid off. Im currently in Florida on the AT&T account. This place is the biggest joke of a company that Ive ever worked. Lately we are suppose to lose attendance points after 365 days most of us recently have seen where our points are no longer showing but our point balance has not changed. When asked he management is saying there is a special calculated and formula for deciding what points u have. This company thinks they're employees are brainless idiots if the total of attendance point is not adding up and not one manager can sit down and explain why. I will not rest now until I post a complaint on every website about this joke of a company. If u apply at covergys beware it's only a matter of time before they screw u over. It's gotten so bad I'm considering taking a pay cut to go somewhere else I'd rather be treated with respect.

    • profile image

      duvexy 7 years ago

      I am still working for them. They are getting quite a bit like the Russian gulags. Wanting me to agree to have them come to home whenever they want too. Making me pay for all the mistakes for mine and theirs. Also, not getting paid for downtime troubleshooing and if I am not here I will not get paid for legitimate time that I was scheduled but their appication did not workl. I only work 4 hours a day. I don't need to be here for 24 hours waiting for tech to call when they never do. Then they are using that as an excuse to now pay me.

      I am not a slave. I am free person. They have not right to come to my home when they want too. They have the gall to tell us sale and then when we do , they threaten us to not to game the system while at the same time expecting us to have high sales. They do have a clue what they are doing. It is the bottom line.

    • profile image

      Minacs 7 years ago

      I worked at the Minacs call center in Austin and the supervisors do not have a clue how to manage a team. Everything is micromanaged and on top of that they treat you like you are in HS. Specially the supervisors in the legal department they do not have a clue what they are doing most of the time and they only walk around like they own the place trying to find some excuse to get someone fired.

    • profile image

      gar 7 years ago

      this is a really crappy place to work...did the charlotte nc office and it was run by a bunch of morons and still labor is what you get really sucks, doesn't it andy

    • profile image

      None  7 years ago

      I worked at Convergys for 1 year 6 months, they kept screwing me out of sales bonuses, screwed my pay over, and never got a raise or even to being promoted. Its a new year and Im moving on!

    • profile image

      mel 7 years ago

      the people that work at onstar/minacs are so unprofessional i worked there for a long time, and it made me sick to my stomach to go to work. The supervisors are losers they are so prejudice. they don't do anything but leave work half of the day and go shopping or go home. They all suck!!!

    • profile image

      the CON 7 years ago

      Supervisors don't even want to take calls. I worked at this account at convergys, they're all about power trips there. People from Onstar are the worst, I am forced to support with the limited knowledge that I have than to transfer the customer to Onstar because I know that they will be screwed pretty bad there. I don't even want to phone them myself. Talk about raising the bar, glad i left that place

    • profile image

      Anonymous 8 years ago

      I work at Convergys and I have literally seen workers dancing to the muci on the radio, but when I mention soething like how difficult it is to do your job when others are acting in this manner. Are they fired? No. Are they cautioned to stop the unprofessional behavior? Not as far as I can tell. I go to work everyday and deal with people who act like immature junior high schoolers. Such Fun....I used to want to be a model employee, but they made sure they beat it out of me.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Convergys I hate you.. those agents jobs are going to the philipines, sucks to be a comcast customer now. both Convergys and Comcast can go screw themselves, they are nothing but sellouts. they are firing agents any way possible across all sites.... moving shift times from day time to night time... no call volume during either shifts. It looks like its the end, I liked the projects at our center screw you Convergys. I can only hope that the customers will speak up and demand the services we provide stay in North America.

    • profile image

      minacsslave 8 years ago

      I was an employee at the minacs' onstar call centre in Canada for almost 7 years. During that time I have seen many opportunities for improvement, but management doesn't care to hear about them. In fact it is considered just cause for disiplinary action if a front line worker draws attention to a problem. The general consenses is that advisors are lazy and unmotivated. Even though Emergency Advisors are trusted with the lives of subscribers, they are not considered responsible enough to use a pen without supervision.

      Over the years I have seen a lot of valuble employees leave the company only to be replaced by rejects from local coffee shops, and fast food outlets. It seems clear to me that onstar is happy with this level of service or they would do something about it. The truth is if they were really concerned with their customers they would run their own call centres. By outsourcing they put a barrier between themselves and their customers. If they never hear the complaints, they never really have to deal with them.

      General Motors seems to be more concerned with the appearance of quality than actual quality. How long did they think they'd get away with this before people would realize it is an illusion. No wonder they're in trouble.

    • profile image

      OLDconvergyslackie 8 years ago

      I had worked for convergys a year before they canned me they gave me the hopes of job security and then booted me off the poject i worked so hard to educate myself on never got raise


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