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CPA marketing: PPC advertising or PPV advertising?

Updated on April 30, 2011

CPA is a short form for “cost per action”, which is one of the most efficient form of advertising nowadays. It is a multi-billion dollar business with tens of thousands of marketers and advertisers. When CPA marketing began early in the industry, there are many people who use PPC advertising to drive traffic to their websites or landing pages and it was really effective. But the prices of PPC have been added up slowly as many marketers go into the realm. It become very costly since many marketers bid on competitive keywords and makes it very difficult for newbie marketers to do so. There are more or less risks involved in the process and it makes it very hard to accomplish.

PPV is a form of advertising which was used on TV but now is present on the internet. TV commercials are usually on broadcast over and over again to give people impression about the product. PPV ads can be added to small applications like screen savers or video converters to create page views. When the ads are displayed on the users’ screen, people can complete the offers they are interested. Marketers can bid on target website address and the cost can be very cheap.

The small adware installed on your computer and most people would ignore it because these kinds of incidents are very common in today’s internet. People can remove it instantly by using anti-virus software or never bother for having it. Ever you are using PPC to make good money, you should switch for using PPV to drastically reduce the cost. PPV traffic can be huge and cost effective in your advertising.

This kind of targeted traffic can be as little as 1 cent. People started using this can save a lot from using PPC advertising and it is perfect match for CPA marketing. Currently PPV is still in its infancy stage so there are lots of opportunities for you to reap benefits. Affiliate marketers should engage more in this form of advertising to save your time and money.


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