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CRM Systems In Norway

Updated on October 25, 2016

Top 10 CRM Systems In Norway For Business

Implementing a quality CRM system for your business has so many benefits. A lot of enterprises today are exploring the use of CRM systems as a means of building competitiveness and so far, it’s working.

However, despite a remarkable rise in the number of CRM systems available in the market it is still important to note that not all systems can meet your needs. Every CRM system comes with its pros and cons and it is your job to carefully analyze these benefits and shortcomings before you choose a CRM software of choice.

CRM Norway

Pillar of productivity with CRM.
Pillar of productivity with CRM.

What To Consider When Choosing CRM Systems

There are a few factors that you will need to always remember as you choose a CRM system. In most cases, each business has its own unique needs and it’s absolutely necessary to choose a software that identifies with those needs. In any case though, here are some of the simple factors that you need to look for in a CRM system:

  • The price – the cost per month or per year of the software needs to be within your budget. You also need to make sure that you get full value for your money.

  • Cloud based - although you can still have a developer create a CRM system for you, it’s often better to use a cloud based software service. This is because cloud based software is cheaper, accessible and scalable.

  • Scalability – as you choose a CRM software make sure that it can accommodate your needs as you grow. Scalability is perhaps the most important factor to always look for in CRM systems.

  • Implementation capacities – finally, try and make sure that your have the organizational and technological capacity to implement a CRM system in the business as effectively as possible.

SuperOffice CRM Systems

SuperOffice is one of the major CRM system providers in Norway. The company is headquartered in Oslo but it also has operations in other parts of Europe including Stockholm, Copenhagen and London. SuperOffice offers an all inclusive CRM system that integrates sales, marketing and customer services in the same system.


  • SuperOffice offers flexible plans that are ideal for a wide variety of businesses

  • The software is cloud based so you can access it anytime you want

  • All businesses that have adopted the SuperOffice CRM system have seen an average increase in sales of 16%

  • Simple design that is quite easy to use

  • Customized to meet the emerging and dynamic needs of modern business as far as customer relationship management is concerned.

  • You will get a free trial to test drive the software and see if it works for you or not. You can cancel the trail anytime you want

  • Over 11,000 customers are already using the system making it one of the major providers in Norway

The SuperOffice CRM system offers quite a number of great benefits and you can choose between 4 available price plans: Standard CRM which is quite basic, Marketing CRM for marketing automation, Sales CRM for sales automation, Customer Service CRM and finally Complete CRM, a combination of all the other four packages.


BordingCognito is also a dominant CRM system provider in Norway. The company offers comprehensive CRM solutions for business and with its cutting edge tech options, it is an opportunity you cannot afford to pass. The focus for BordingCognito is to streamline customer interactions by providing unique and customer friendly CRM systems that work. The company also offers design and project management help for the entire campaign just to make sure you get the most out of the CRM system.


  • Cutting edge CRM systems with innovative design and unmatched efficiency

  • Offers additional support for businesses to develop customer relationship strategies. You will also get project management support

  • The service is comprehensive; the company takes care of the entire communication with customer and provides support right from landing pages, design and content marketing

  • Innovative customer dialogue technology is available and clients also get a variety of unique CRM systems designed to meet their needs

  • Easy integration with existing systems within your business

  • Effective multi channel campaign management systems

BordingCognito offers an all inclusive CRM system and support. The company is ideal for any business looking to implement a CRM system for the first time. There are a variety of pricing packages available so you won’t be limited in any way.


24SevenOffice is a software company that offers modern business technology solutions. However, its CRM system in particular has been really good especially for businesses that are looking for a comprehensive all in one solution that comes at very good costs. The software is designed to give you a core central place where you can control all your sales and customer processes as easily as possible. If you are looking for 100% efficiency, this is the CRM system to go for.


  • Provides an inclusive all in one model that allows you to coordinate all sales and customer processes in just one system

  • Easy and quick integration with existing sales and customer process systems within your business

  • Impeccable data base management capability. You will get to access information about customer, suppliers, and sales anytime from just one place

  • Comes with additional sales support tools that you may not find in other CRM systems in the market at the moment

  • Remarkably easy to use interface

  • Increases productivity in customer processes leading to improved performance and revenues

24SevenOffice has one of the biggest varieties of packages to choose from. There are 9 to be precise and you can start from the basic one to the most advanced depending on your needs. You can also get a free trial and see how it goes before you commit to a long term relationship.

Lime Light CRM

Lime Light CRM is actually more than just an ordinary CRM system. It is one of the most trusted providers of campaign management support in Norway. One of the special attributes that makes the platform quite interesting is the fact that it’s designed by marketers for marketers. The Lime Light CRM offers cutting edge solutions that will transform your business for the better.


  • The CRM platform is build based on proven marketing strategies and you can rest assured that it works

  • The platform offers seamless third party integration making it ideal for multi channel marketing and sales

  • You get a guarantee of network and data security through comprehensive data protection measures

  • You will get additional e-commerce tools to streamline sales and increase efficiency

  • Call center integration and payment gateway integration is also part of the full package

  • Hundreds of third party plugins are available for you

The Lime Light CRM has so many features and you can access all of them for a flat rate every month. It is one of the most effective and well developed CRM platforms and looking at the benefits, you should definitely give it a try.

CRM Norge AS

CRM Norge AS is a forward looking cloud based CRM system for businesses that is developed based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions. CRM Norge AS offers modern cloud based solutions that go beyond and above what many businesses are looking for. In addition to this, the platform is one of the most affordable options if you are on a tight budget.


  • Easily customizable and adaptable to changing business needs

  • Build based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, office 365, and Super Drift CRM systems guarantying quality and efficiency for users

  • Offers cloud based solutions that are cheaper, less risky and accessible at any given time

  • Simple and unique user interface

  • Additional maintenance and operational support to ensure the system is running seamlessly

  • Easily scalable especially because it’s a cloud based solution with unlimited scalability options

The CRM Norge AS is the one stop shop for quality CRM systems and additional support for your business. The company offers reasonably priced packages which are ideal for any kind of business. It is definitely a strong option to consider for your CRM needs.

Wunderman Scandinavia

Wunderman Scandinavia is a leading CRM provider that operates in all major Scandinavian countries including Norway. The company aims at streamlining customer processes using cutting edge software solutions with the ultimate objective of developing long term customer satisfaction. After all, nothing beats a bunch of happy customers when it comes to business. Wunderman Scandinavia offers an all inclusive CRM system with added cross and up sell programs, loyalty and customer retention support, as well as lead generation and nurturing systems.


  • Provides intelligent data management and segmentation options for targeted marketing and sales plans

  • You get additional marketing consulting free of charge to make the most of your current campaigns

  • Easy integration with other systems and very easy to use

  • Over 7000 data experts working at the company just to serve you

  • All round system with integrated sales automation, marketing tools, ecommerce tools and so much more

  • Aims at developing intelligent systems that contribute to long term customer satisfaction in your business

  • Extensive support to ensure your CRM system and integration has been effectively done

  • Helps businesses to increase sales through human friendly customer relationship management solutions

Wunderman Scandinavia is one of the major CRM providers in Europe and you can get started with a wide variety of packages that will transform your business and how it relates to customers in the long term.

HubSpot CRM Norway

HubSpot is one of the global leaders in marketing and sales automation and its CRM system is definitely among the best in the world. The company is also available in Norway. HubSpot CRM Norway offers an adaptive easy to use tool that allows you to track every customer interaction and automate practically everything. It is one of the most advanced CRM systems in the market today.


  • The tool is very easy to use and learn. It takes very little time to customize it to meet your current needs

  • Easy monitoring of sales and customer interactions in real time

  • Provides better automation and organization leading to better efficiency and increasing sales for your business

  • You can send, track and optimize email templates for content and email marketing

  • Align your sales and marketing strategies with the tool to help streamline process and increase overall efficiency

  • Comprehensive automation of practically everything including all the boring staff within the sales funnel

  • Absolute value for money, you get a whole lot more than what you pay

The HubSpot CRM is one of the most popular picks for business around the world and why not, it offers an array of outstanding benefits. It’s so easy to get started with the software and in fact, you could be up and running in a matter of minutes with HubSpot CRM Norway.

Visma CRM

Visma CRM offers innovative CRM and project management systems that are designed to increase competiveness and sales capabilities. Visma is a renowned software company headquartered in Norway but also operates in other countries in Europe including the UK, Romania, Scandinavian nations, Netherlands and other countries. The CRM system offered by the company is effective and innovative to say the least and it comes with an array of benefits for you to explore.


  • Visma offers a cloud based solution that can be accessed and used anytime. This reduces costs remarkably

  • Offers seamless project organization and management right from the start to the end

  • Remarkable sales capability, the tool will ensure sales increase in your company year after year

  • Monitor and streamline your sales cycle for increased efficiency

  • Establish joint process and free flow of information within departments for the ultimate outcomes

  • Get a complete overview of each customer relationship and their sales cycle

  • Generate more leads and increase customer satisfaction

The Visma CRM system is developed by one of the most renowned software developers in the market and it’s clear that the benefits you are bound to enjoy are very good. You can choose a package of your choice and get started anytime.

Proventus AS CRM

Proventus AS offers an array of software solutions for business. However, its CRM system is indeed one of the best in Norway with cutting edge design and technology. The system is ideal for multi channel management, sales and marketing automation, as well as customer tracking. In addition to this, Proventus AS also offers great value for money.


  • Comes with cutting edge design and technology making it easier for you to set up and use

  • Can be easily customized and integrated with third party systems for maximum productivity

  • All inclusive system with effective automation of customer processes

  • Cloud based solutions are available for better scalability

  • Perfect for businesses that are implementing CRM for the first time

The Proventus AS is a simple, Effective and cutting edge CRM system that will take care of your needs. It’s so easy to get started too so make sure you give it a look.

Evry CRM

Evry CRM has been in operation for quite some time and it provides comprehensive CRM systems for business and additional consultancy in implementing and using the platform. Evry CRM focuses on strategic application of CRM with a clear strategy and objective. The company also offers additional content marketing, ecommerce, sales automation, and data support to add more value to your business.


  • Provides not just CRM software, but also CRM planning, implementation and monitoring support

  • The company offers CRM evaluation to help businesses implement and benefit from cutting edge systems

  • Effective multi channel campaign management and tracking

  • Easy to get started with an array of CRM platforms to choose from including Microsoft Dynamics and Office 365

  • Additional customer valuation support, segmentation and comprehensive analytics

  • Dynamic CRM solutions that change with your dynamic business needs

The Evry CRM service is designed to help businesses identify and implement CRM platforms as effectively as possible. The company is among the leading CRM system suppliers in Norway and you can get advice and additional support on how to implement and benefit from CRM software. Feel free to get in touch with the provider anytime.

Choosing a CRM system that works for your business can take time but even then, with the ten options above you can never go wrong. After all, these are ten of the best CRM providers in Norway at the moment.


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