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CSCS Card Course Practice Mock Exam, Actual Questions & Answers From The CSCS Test UK

Updated on December 3, 2015

Sample Questions From The UK CSCS Exam / Test 2015 / 2016

The CSCS ( Construction Skills Certification Scheme ) is a required certification for individiuals to work on building sites within the UK. The qualification means that the person has passed basic site awareness in Health and Safety aspects around the work place.

The cscs card is renewable every three to five years, and without one, most workers will not be allowed to continue working on any building site within the UK. The CSCS test/exam itself, lasts for only 45 minutes, but many people finish it early as the multiple choice questions are basically common sense. A little revision for the CSCS test virtually guarantees a pass.

A mock exam or test for applicants wishing to pass the CSCS test are usually only available if you register and pay for the actual exam through various companies.

These are a selection of questions which appear in the CSCS test / exam. Although not all the questions are here, as the choice of questions they provide is extensive, the core questions which will result in a pass level are all mentioned. This mock cscs test / exam is designed to ensure that nearly all competent people will pass the exam.

The case study section questions are very similar to the CSCS exam questions, but entail watching a short video.

Free link: Case Study Mock Exam Questions

NB: The author of this, has an 11 year old son, whom after no revision, took the mock test and passed. Sample questions are excellent practice questions.

Free Link For: CSCS Concise Revision Notes

Free Link To: Government Funded CSCS Cards

CSCS Mock Exam / Test Questions

*All answers at foot of page.

1) From which two animals can you contract Weils Disease?

A) Dogs

B) Cats

C) Rats

D) Horses

E) Cows

2) Why do you need to inform your employer if you have Weils Disease ?

A) Because he will want to keep well away from you

B) Because it is contagious

C) Because the Health and Safety Executive needs to be informed

D) Because you will need special protective equipment

3) Which colour fire extinguisher contains only water?

A) Black

B) Red

C) Cream

D) Blue

4) What does this sign indicate ?

A) This is where the fire will start

B) Fire alarm assembly point

C) Press here to sound fire alarm

D) Fire Extinguishers are here

(admin- cscs card mock test continued)

5) You are using some equipment and you have just been given a prohibition notice. What does this mean ?

A) You must not use it until your supervisor is present

B) Only your supervisor can use it

C) You can use it but be more careful

D) You must not use it until it has been made safe

6) Now that work is moving along on site, you feel that the safety rules given at the induction are dated. What should you do ?

A) Nothing as you are not responsible for health and safety

B) Ask your workmates what they think

C) Speak to your supervisor about your concerns

D) Make up you own safety regulations as you go along

7) Another contractor is affecting your safety. You should stop work and...

A) Go home

B) Speak to their supervisor

C) Speak to your supervisor

D) Speak to the contractor who is doing the job

8) Which of these will help you work safely on site?

A) A toolbox talk

b) Site induction

C) Risk assessments and method statements

D) All of the other answers

9) Early signs of Weil's disease can be confused with..

A) Flu

B) Dermatitis

C) Hay Fever

D) Diabetes

10) This sign means ?

A) No access onto the scaffold

B) No entry for people on foot

C) No entry during the day

D) No entry unless wearing full PPE

NB- This is a sample cscs card test, please learn all signs.

11) Green and white signs mean

A) You must do something

B) You must not do something

C) Safe condition

D) Hazard or danger

12) Blue and white signs mean

A) You must do something

B) You must not do something

C) Safe condition

D) Hazard or danger

13) If you have any rubbish left over after a job, you should..

A) Leave it near to where you were working

B) Put it with other rubbish left by others

C) Put it in the designated waste area

D) Take it and dump it away from the site

14) How would you expect to find out about health and safety when you first arrive on site ?

A) In a letter sent to your home

B) At a site induction

C) By a telephone call

D) By reading your employers health and safety policy

15) Who should decide what weight you can safely lift ?

A) You

B) Your supervisor

C) Your employer

D) The health and safety executive.

16) What does a black fire extinguisher contain ?

A) Water

B) co2

C) Powder

D) Foam

17) Which fire extinguishers cannot be used to put out electrical fires

A) Red

B) Black

C) Cream

D) Blue

18) You find a ladder that is damaged, what should you do ?

A) Try to mend the damage

B) Use the ladder but avoid the damaged part

C) Don't use it and report the damage at the end of your shift

D) Don't use it and report the damage to others

19) Someone collapses with stomach pains and there is no first aider on site. What should you do?

A) Get them to sit down

B) Get them to lay down in the recovery position

C) Give them some pain killers

D) Get someone to call the emergency services

20) What does this sign mean?

A) Corrosive

B) Irritant

C) Harmful

D) Dangerous to the environment

CSCS Mock Exam Answers

1) C & E

2) C

3) B

4) C

5) D

6) C

7) C

8) D

9) A

10) B

11) C

12) A

13) C

14) B

15) A

16) B

17) A & C

18) D

19) D

20) A

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      20 out ov 20 yyyeeeehhaaaa

    • profile image

      Brett coupe 

      4 years ago

      Frankly if you cant pass this test I wouldnt want to work on site with you. It doesnt matter how long youve worked on site and its actually the guys that have worked on site the longest that avoid/skip all the safe practices. Revise if youve struggled with that mock exam, I got 2 wrong, both fire extingusher related so I will now make sure I know them.

    • billericky profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Plymouth

      Yes, don't do what I did. I fell off a ladder, dislocated my arm and have been out of work for 8 months so far.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Taking the test tomorrow if I pass it will be my first time working on sight you guy got any pointers

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      18 out of 20 oh yeah

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Silly test ,,,,, easy to forget after passing test

    • billericky profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Plymouth


    • profile image


      5 years ago

      How come I can pass the questions in books and in this test but not in the test?

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I worked on these sites for over 27 years never had a problem but I lost my job cause I couldn't pass my cscs test

    • billericky profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Plymouth

      Education is important. I am now sitting in bed with a dislocated arm because I left out one rule in health and safety. I will be out of work for another 4 months and have so far lost over £3000. Not very happy.

    • profile image

      darren childs 

      5 years ago

      why should i have to pay for this i all ready pay enough in taxs an fuel now won more money out of me for me to keep my job

    • profile image

      jak loan 

      5 years ago

      health and safety is all good,, but why must we pay for these cards.

      i have a work mate who has very slight learning disabilities and has just failed the test, he has been a competent tradesman for 35 years.

      this type of testing has put him in fear of losing his job and dignity.


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