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Calgary Jobs: The best places to find Jobs in Calgary

Updated on March 24, 2011

Calgary Jobs

The Calgary Job Market

Calgary, Alberta is a rich and diverse city of over 1 Million people and growing. Its primarily youthful and well educated population is key to Calgary's success - not to mention the most beautiful location in the world!

Many people see Calgary as the Energy Capital of Canada; and though that is true, the Calgary job market is far more diverse than Oil and Gas related jobs. Calgary has positioned itself to be a logistics and transportation Hub for all Western Canada, technology companies thrive (Smart Technologies, for one example), and tourism, hospitality and economic development go without saying. With so many sectors hiring, it can be difficult to find these jobs. Everyone has probably tried, or or some of the other Big Sites; unfortunately, their high prices keep alot of jobs from being posted. Here is a short list of other sites to help you out:

I have to start out with this site, Though they might not be the biggest job site in Calgary (the site is still new-ish), it is the only job site in the world that provides Revenue Sharing! Yes, you can actually earn moneyon this site while searching for jobs! Right now, only employers can partake in the revenue sharing, but the site promises to have a revenue sharing platform set up for Job Seekers too! How sweet is that!

  • No registration required to view jobs
  • No registration required to apply to jobs
  • Fully Functional job site for those that do register (resumes, application tracking etc)
  • Calgary Based Job Site (yay local company, but many posts are from USA)

Visit Click Here

Another great site is Calgary Job This site has been around for many years and I'm sure that most of us have heard the bad commercials on the radio. They must work, because this site has many jobs in the Calgary area! Prices are high to post jobs ~$375, but at least the site is free to job seekers.

  • No registration to browse jobs
  • Must be Registered to Apply to jobs (I know, its a hassle)
  • Some posts are ads bringing you to another site, where again, you have to register :(

Visit Click Here!

Everyone by now knows about Kijiji for selling your old furniture and junk around the house, but many people don't think to check Kijiji for job positions. I just checked the site, and there are currently over 10,000 jobs listed.

  • No registration to Browse jobs
  • No registration to Apply - just email in your resume. Cannot use attachments though :(
  • No features common to other job sites, after all this is just a classifieds site

Visit Kijiji Calgary Jobs Click Here!


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