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Can Career Coaching Skills for Supervisors Help Achieve Company Goals?

Updated on June 30, 2015

What are some career coaching skills for supervisors? What if we thought of supervisors as career coaches? Can they act like career coaches and help their employees get more done?

The Benefits of Career Coaching Skills for Supervisors

Some of the benefits that career coaching skills can offer supervisors include:

  • Improvement in communication and listening skills
  • Learn better ways to deliver feedback – both positive and negative.
  • Learn how to create a vision for the company and communicate that vision to the employees and make them feel a part of the company's vision
  • Learn how to understand your employees' career needs and goals, and how to help them achieve them within the framework of the company.
  • Build trust and rapport with employees at all levels.
  • Identify and clarify goals for the company and the employee, while also identifying and clarifying roles for both the supervisor and the employees within the company structure.

The Negatives of Career Coaching Skills for Supervisors

Yes, there can be a few negatives for career coaching skills for a supervisor. These include:

  • Helping employees identify and clarify their career goals may lead them away from the company if there isn't a place in the company for them to reach their goals.
  • A supervisor is not a coach. A supervisor's main goal is to develop the company's mission and goals, and to help the company achieve those goals. This may clash with the goals of some of the employees.
  • Other coaching skills may be better suited for the supervisor/employee relationship – leadership coaching and success coaching are two types of coaching that may work better.

Basic Coaching Skills Will Work for Employees

Career coaching skills for supervisors include the basics of coaching, which can be good for any mentor type relationship, which includes the supervisor and employee dynamic. Coaching the employee will work to:

  • Help set clear, needed performance expectations (goals).
  • Provide for necessary education and training on a continuous basis.
  • Offer support and encouragement for all employees.
  • Integrate new employees into the company.
  • Provide critical assessments when appropriate.
  • Offer feedback and assessment on results.
  • Celebrate success and achievement.

Coaching is important in many types of relationships – the supervisor and employee relationship is one of those that will see benefits for the supervisor, the employee, and the organization. Coaching helps employees understand what they should be doing, why they should be doing it, and how they should do it.\

Coaching helps to identify and clarify goals, provides employees with important information, and assists employees in acquiring and developing new skills which will benefit both the company and the individual.

Career coaching skills for supervisors has many benefits and a few potential negatives. But, take out the “career” and you have coaching skills, which are a definite plus for any supervisors trying to get a team of employees headed toward a collective goal.


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