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Can I Make money from the old desktop sitting at my home

Updated on September 10, 2011

So you have an old desktop computer sitting at your home collecting Dust or what have you and you're thinking What Can i possibly do with it. Well what about getting off your lazy bumm and using your computer to make some money online.

Revenue Share sites to make money online

HOW??? you ask... and you're right... you don't have the slightest clue about where to start with such a bold step. How about digging through the Revenue Share Sites that allow you to post articles that you have personally written in your own words so that people can read and benefit from them and in due course the article earns some revenue which is eventually shared by the site and the author with a proportion to the tune of 50-50 or some other pre-agreed cut.

Revenue Share sites make me wait too long, I need money quick

But you... being as impatient as you are want to see the results in monitory terms as soon as the weekend arrives or just want the quick buck - you're still in luck because you still have at least two different avenues to generate revenue streams and quite a few sites that will help you accomplish that. These two ways are discussed below.

1- Bid for projects on Freelance sites

Your first stop should be Freelance sites where you can bid and compete with other authors to win writing projects that earn you cash. Good thing about these projects is that you get paid at the end of the week for work that you did. Although it's not always the case and you might decide on a payment schedule that suits both you and the employer so it can vary in that regard.

What is a Quality Article

I have seen authors getting paid from 50 cents for an article to 50 dollars but of course you have to be smart about it. Online bidding is an art, you'll have to convince the employer that you can do the job best and for that you'll need to have built an online portfolio where you can refer them or be ready to write a sample for them. Be sure to keep the quality of articles high by not making spellings or grammatical mistakes and keeping the readers engaged. That is a sure fire recipe for your article to be deemed a quality article.

2- Write for Upfront Payment sites

Besides the Freelance bidding sites where you have to compete to win projects there are other sites that will just buy your articles. Though there are not so many of those sites left as they used to be but their turn around time to make a payment is pretty quick.

Of course there are rules that you have to abide by and there is a definite process that will be followed before you get paid. Normally that process consists of you as a writer submitting the article and the site editors taking 24-48 hours to review and approve the articles. Once approved your articles are published and you are entitled to be paid in the next pay cycle by then end of that week.


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