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Can I Make Money at Home? Making Money Online with Simple Ideas

Updated on June 14, 2017

Make Money From Home


Can you work from home?

Lots of people are stuck in the same situation, no money and no way out. Are economy is not doing good right now, and honestly I think its gonna be a while before it is. There is a tiny gleam of hope, working on the Internet, but be careful all the glitters is not gold.

Here are a few things you should know about online jobs, to show you how to make money at home.

One, Everything doesn't work, there are online jobs available that simple try to rip you off. Two, some people do make money online, everyday in fact. While this isn't easy or always the case. Most of are endeavors are cut short by scams and deceit. A lot of this has to do with other people making money, not you.

If you did not realize, we aren't all the masters of manipulation that some people may be. Cleverly placed words and pictures can lead are minds to a hectic place. This is where we think we hit gold, but we actually hit a wall.

I have had my share of experiences trying to work at home. Not all of them went very well, and in my experience some of them are very, very good at tricking you especially online jobs. There are legit ones though. I will share a few of them now.

Do you ever get so excited about something that you see online, that you literally smile from ear to ear . I do it all the time, maybe I am gullible I am not sure.

This happens to a lot of us, and for some of us there's good reason. All they try to tell us is how to make money online, but there way. There way may not be suited to our needs. There are opportunities out there for us either way, so lets start easy.

Legitimate Paid Online Surveys

Yes, yes surveys. Surveys are good online jobs, if you can find a site to pay you well. Some sights give you say, 50 cents per survey which honestly is not to bad. There are a number of "survey sites" that are actually links to survey sites.

You should be weary of sites like this, they are set up to get your information to send it out to survey sites. This in turn will lead to a lot of spam, and a giant waste of your time. Remember, there are sites that do pay.

You should definitely check around to find other people that do this for a living, or for extra income. Networking can come in very handy no matter what you are trying to do for an online job. It pays to know people.

Just realize though, that this is going to take a lot of time to make it surveys worth your while. A couple of extra bucks every week can help though.

The site I have made money on is below:

Affiliate Marketing Jobs

Oh yeah, I was sure I hit the jackpot with this. My first experience was with something called Affiliate Marketing.This is interesting, you basically market someone else's product or service.


You do not need inventory, you don't have to deal with products, you don't have to deal with shipping. You can do it from anywhere with the Internet. There are many sites where you can become an affiliate marketer. One of which is CLICKBANK.COM.

Affliate marketing jobs are available on a lot of the sites you visit all the time. Everyone needs to sell the items, and everyone needs a job. So if you are good at selling, but not creative enough to invent your own product, then sell someone else's. Different companies, however, give different amounts you can earn.

If you interested that's a good place to start. There are a lot of sites that will explain the whole process. There is no limit to your success here, if you know how to sell it. You must be aware that you do have to put in work. There are no short cuts to success.

Can't find real ways to make money from home?


Has anyone made any money on Hubpages?

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Change adds up

Some online jobs only pay in pennies.
Some online jobs only pay in pennies. | Source

How Do Bloggers Get Paid?

Yup, if you did not know, you can get paid to blog. If you have a lot to say, start saying it. The site your on right now is a good choice.

What happens is that you will get google AdSense connected to your page. After you write what you want to and post it, google AdSense will post ads that relate to your article on your page. If they get clicked on you get money.

There are many reasons for this to work or fail. When you blog your chances can be drastically improved by good writing skills, and interesting subjects. However, your writing is only limited by your imagination, so go crazy.

Spreading the word about your blogs is essential to having good traffic and more views. This goes in turn with affiliate marketing, your ads surrounding your hub will be your income. When you learn how to make money online, or which method works for you, you could make a blog about that.

So how do bloggers get paid? The stick to it, constantly making new content is the way to stay on top, along with great seo strategies, and page optimization.

Your Ideas Count

There are places online that will buy your ideas. This is where your imagination can shine. Have an idea for a great movie or story? Do you have an idea for a new or existing product?

Do you have something funny to say, you could put it on a shirt, hat, clock. Well, get your ideas out there. There are sites dedicated to getting your ideas out there.

Every one of us has something to say no matter what it is. There is no exception for what you can make, some places won't take some ideas, but somewhere will.

Take time to write down some ideas through out your day if something funny pops in your head. It can take no more than a couple of seconds to a get then forget a million dollar idea.

So keep your pens ready. I don't know much more about this subject, but for the inventor or the imaginative it is worth looking into.

Craft The Creative Gene

Do you like making crafts? Why not try your hand and basket weaving or pottery. There are sites specifically for buying and selling crafts, some of which have small fees for selling or posting your products.

Anything can be sold on these sites from ash trays to candles if you know how. To make money online, sometimes it takes money too.

If you have something you make, even as small as bracelets and charms, then this is worth checking out. You never know who is looking for what you have.

Auction... If you have extra stuff at home, and you do not want or need it, then here is a good idea. Auctions are a great way to get extra income into your pocket.

There are many auction sites you can get into online, that provide a true value to you....Customers. Millions of people buy and sell online everyday. There are a lot of tutorials to help you on your way. Try youtube, or more hubs to see if you can find tutorials.

You could also shop around at yard sales to see if you can find anything interesting or valuable. Some people just don't know what they are getting rid of.

Just a little side note to auctions, there are auctions sites that can be just as useful to you if you don't have money. These sites are more like trading sites, they use credits instead of money to bid...the most you have to pay for is shipping.

Listia is a great example. This can help you find things you may want instead of money... like baby clothes or anything really.

While this is only a small list of things to do. I believe you guys can make money on the Internet, doing your homework is going help more than anything.

Is it going be easy? Depends, do you like to click or type.

Do you have ideas? It is going to be what you make it.

It will be what you turn it into. The more work you put you in, the better off you will be.

OK, let's review.

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    • RGraf profile image

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      Good hub. There are so man legit opportunities out there but we do need to weary.


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