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Do QR Codes Work and Save Time?

Updated on January 17, 2015
Example Of How A QR Code Can Be Used
Example Of How A QR Code Can Be Used
Virtual Business Card
Virtual Business Card | Source

A Short QR Code Explanation

I guess by now everyone has seen these funny looking square qr codes (Quick Response) popping up everywhere. Major companies are using them such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds and the list goes on. A qr code is a small 2d-barcode that stores information, which is communicated to the end user when scanned with a qr code reader.

The way we obtain this information is via a qr code scanner, and they are available through either Google Play Store or the Apple Store on a persons smartphone. Here is an explanation of how to use the qr code scanner.

How To Create 3 Different QR Codes Easily

So you have downloaded your qr code reader to your smartphone. Now it's time to decide which qr code you would like to create. Here I will show three different types of qr code, and how they all work.

The URL QR Code

This would have to be the most common qr codes used today. When scanned it launches a smartphones web browser and takes the smartphone user to a specific web page. The possibilities are endless with a url type qr code.

  • Creating a sign for a shop window to launch a website,
  • providing product information,
  • In an ad that gives the user more information
  • You can ultimately direct the user to any web url you wish
  • Providing coupons at a point of purchase stand

There is one thing to check before creating the url qr code, make sure that url is going to be readable on mobile devices. If it is not readable on a mobile device there is not much point to creating the qr code. If people cannot read a website on their mobile device, it's more than likely they will leave that page.

There is the option to have the qr code in colour if you wish, this in turn will make the qr code stand out more wherever it is placed.

Very Popular
Very Popular

QR Codes For Dummies

The Virtual Business Card

This qr code is commonly used to load all of a person's contact information into a user's smartphone. What this does it launches the address book automatically and populates the information ready for saving, pretty neat and quick.

It certainly saves a lot of time, you don't have to type information in anymore. Also it eliminates what I call "fat finger syndrome". The qr code creator gets to choose what information they want in their virtual business card. Some of the smartphone these days won't capture all of the information unfortunately.

This qr code doesn't have to be just used for business, it can be also used to exchange contact information with family or friends. Trust me they will thank you later, for there will be no typing for them.

This would have to be my favourite one, the virtual business card qr code.

  • Have it printed onto a business card
  • All the information on the virtual business card gets stored into the clients smartphone automatically.
  • Take a picture of the qr code from the desktop and it will be saved in the gallery for everyone to see
  • Or the other option is to email it to your phone's email address

And there is the option of getting a nice coloured one to go on your business card, maybe even to match the colour of your business logo. Not only is this a big time saver, it also a money saving option as well.

You can send this qr code to your printer to go on your custom business card, or there is the option of Just look up business cards at Fiverr, you can get so many for $5.

The Speed Dial QR Code
The Speed Dial QR Code

The Call Us Now QR Code

This is a big time saver this one, I call it the speed dial of qr codes. This qr code when scanned will activate the smartphone's phone feature, and preload the number so all is left to do is tap the call button.

You can make this qr code go to any number you wish, business or personal. All you have to do is select it from the drop down menu, before creating.

Promoting your call us qr code is very simple. Just have some text that says, scan the qr code to be connected immediately to myself or customer service. Now you can see why I call it the speed dial of qr codes.


There Will Come a Day Soon..

There will be a day, and not to far into distant future, where just about every product on a retail shelf will have a QR code on it, this will take the customer to a simple page that explains more about that product. How it's produced, where it was made, more product information, even operating instructions - I think you get the picture.

Over half of the Internet's traffic is originating from mobile devices now, and this is certain to increase in the future. This is why we need to be mobile enabled, and why we need to start using qr codes. Take note this is not just a fad, it's here to stay. Don't get left behind in the crowd this time around, this is the new Web 3.0. The world is mobile, make no mistake about that.

The World Has Gone Mobile

What percentage of internet traffic is originating from a smart mobile device today?

See results

The Final Conclusion About QR Codes

In conclusion these types of qr codes will save people time, and also costs especially for a small business on a budget. These qr codes will work as long as the website page is valid, they won't expire.

You can share your qr codes with your social networks very easily from the second page when you create your free qr code, this is a great way to get your information out to your friends and colleges.

Sometimes they can be temperamental when scanning with the reader, have patience it will scan. Try not to mess with the size to much, otherwise it may mess the pixelation up and make it harder to scan.

I hope this will help people understand how qr codes can be valuable, and if you would like to know more about them visit my website that explains more about FREE QR CODES . Feel free to leave any comments below.

© 2014 Craig Hoffmann


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