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Can Sales People Afford To Be Honest?

Updated on April 18, 2014

Can sales people afford to be honest? Almost every sales person may have this doubt in their minds. If you are a sales person and if you think that you should manipulate clients for making your sales, you are committing a grave blunder. The fact is that you should be honest while trying to sell your products.
Sales people have already earned a bad reputation and many people believe that sales people will speak lies and misguide them to close sales and earn their commissions. But thanks to the advent of the Internet, sales people cannot misguide people any more.

This does not mean that there are no dishonest sales people. These dishonest sales people may not believe that they can afford to be honest. Perhaps, these dishonest people do not know that customers will very soon understand their tricks.
In reality, the performance of honest sales people will certainly be better than that of their dishonest counterparts. The simple reason for this is that honest sales people will not only get repeat sales from their happy and satisfied customers but will get referrals as well.
Provide Value
Therefore, it is high time that sales people change their outlook. Instead of focusing on increasing their sales volumes and their commissions, they should focus on providing value to their customers. As a sales person, you should coin your questions in such a manner so that you can understand the needs of your customers clearly. This will help you find ways to provide value to them. Customers will understand that you are trying to provide solutions for their requirements and so, they will also be honest in their replies.
How Can You Be An Honest Sales Person?
This means that you should not hesitate to explain to your customers both the benefits and the lacunae in your products. You should take all the steps to know the requirements of your customers and try to provide them with the best possible solutions. Even if you are not certain of the information available with you, you can honestly confess to your customers that you do not have an immediate solution and that you will get back to them very soon. Customers will certainly appreciate this.
Similarly, if you are not able to service a particular order, you should call the customer immediately and inform about the delay. Even though the customer may be disappointed, your honesty will certainly be appreciated.
Customers of today have access to all types of information. So, they can compare various products and make choices that suit them. Hence, they cannot be fooled any more. If you commit the mistake of bluffing to your customers or misguiding them, you may lose those clients permanently.
Hence, you have to necessarily work towards creating a rapport with your customers by being honest and transparent. As an expert on sales puts it, “Sell with manipulation and the world is your battlefield. Sell with honesty and the world is your playground”.


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