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Can You Still Make Money Online?

Updated on July 10, 2017
Looks Familiar?  Everyone claims you can create a pile like this online but what's the reality?
Looks Familiar? Everyone claims you can create a pile like this online but what's the reality?

Making Money Online

The last decade has seen an explosion in online activity and everyone seems to be online. The dot com boom saw small companies with just a computer and a website valued at millions of dollars, the world went crazy, it seemed like anyone could become rich overnight. Billions of dollars were invested in Internet start up companies and a few people did get rich but most lost everything and everyone realised most of it was just hype.

So does anyone make money online in 2014? Well yes, a few make lots like Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook, Google, Youtube, eBay and other well known Internet names. Is it possible to be the next Mark Zuckerberg? Probably not, there are 7 billion people on this planet and the chances of you being as successful as him are 7 billion to 1, you have more chance of winning the lottery, twice.

So is there any money to be made online? Yes, maybe not millions but you CAN still make money online. I have tried and tested many and will share what I have learned with you right here.

Online Freelancing

Almost any task which can be done on a computer, can be done for someone over the Internet for a fee on a site like, and

Many of the tasks pay around $5 - $10, and are small like writing a 400 word article, translating a document, proofing reading a letter/essay, designing a logo or recording a voiceover. If you are proficient you can complete many tasks within an hour.


Niche Marketing

One of the best ways to make money online is to go for a niche topic. A niche is a very specific area of interest within in a topic. It could be anything, chain mail for dogs, televisions for the blind or just about anything you can think of, if you are an expert in a niche topic, write about it.

You ideally want to go for a topic where there is an opportunity to display a product or list of products related to your topic through the Amazon or eBay affiliates programs.

You need to find a topic which gets searched for 1000 - 30,000 times a month (using Google Keyword tool) but without much competition when you search for it on Google, less than 2 million results. This will make it easy to get your site/blog to the top of Google. You will need to create a good amount of articles on sites like Hubpages, Squidoo* and your own blog or website. You can link them all together to get visitors to view more of your work.

Done properly, once you start getting good traffic you can monetize your work with Google Adsense, eBay/Amazon affiliate programs or sites like Etsy.

*Squidoo has now closed down.


HubPages (this site you're on right now) is a site where anyone can write a page about almost anything, a bit like a blog but less personal. It usually covers a specific subject in detail and the page must meet a certain quality criteria before it is 'published' meaning it can be found via an Internet search. Many pages take the form of a review of a product or service or instructional how to in a magazine style format which is typically 500 - 1500 words in length.

Each writer on the site is known as a 'Hubber' and they earn money from advertising automatically placed on every page they write. Hubbers can also earn income by becoming an Amazon/eBay affiliate which means products related to the topic can be placed on the site and when someone purchases an item from their page they earn a percentage of the sale. Successful hubbers who attract thousands of readers to their pages can earn a substantial income however this is only achieved by creating multiple high quality pages on topics which are of interested. Sign Up for an Account.


*Update September 2014 - The Squid is dead! Squidoo is closing down and merging with Hubpages. All Squidoo writers content will be transferred to Hubpages.

Yes you can make money from Squidoo! Is it a 'get rich quick' scheme? Will you make tons of money overnight? No, it takes time and effort but it does work and it's 100% free to sign up and start making lenses (like Hubs) which are pages written on almost any subject. Adverts are automatically placed on the pages which you have written and when someone clicks on an advert or buys an item displayed on your page you make some money! Some Squidoo members do make thousands of dollars a month, it's free to sign up so you have nothing to lose! You can write about almost anything except adult/porn/gambling. There are detailed guides on the site but generally speaking, if you think to yourself, is this dodgy topic? It probably is.

I have been on Squidoo for a few years now but only recently started making money on a regular basis and have now made over $1000 cash! I don't usually like it when writers include screenshots of their online earnings but I feel that it is necessary to show you it can be done.

If you want to start making money on Squidoo sign up for a FREE account with the link below!

My Squidoo Earnings

Screenshot of my Squidoo account
Screenshot of my Squidoo account | Source


*****Update - Bubblews has now closed down*****

Bubblews is similar to Squidoo and Hubpages except that you earn a little bit of money for every view, comment, like AND dislike your posts receives. A lot of people think it is a scam because it seems so quick and easy to make money! It is mixture of a writing site and a social networking site like Facebook, you make money when someone views or likes/dislikes, comments or shares one of your posts via social networking sites.

I have only writing on there a few days but have already made money. Your posts don't have to be as high quality as they do for Squidoo and Hubpages which means you can make more post per day and earn more money!

**Update. So I have been on Bubblews for about 6 weeks and have made about $12 from just 20 posts with an average of 100 words per post. In the online 'paid to write' world this is pretty good, especially to start with, usually it takes time to build a following and for the search engines to display your work in search results.

Lots of people say they haven't received their payment from Bubblews and think it is a scam, I think this is because they have broken one of the rules.

Is Working Online Real Work?

Is Making Money Online a Real Job?

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Anyone can be successful on Youtube but it's a numbers game. Once you have a few videos you can monetize them. This means that adverts will be shown before, after and during your video and you earn money from views and clicks on adverts. Each video is different and the 'CPM' or 'cost per mille' is how much you make per thousand views, some videos can make more than $100 per thousand views but they don't get that many views. So the key to success is making a very popular video with a high CPM, some people do make over $100,000 a year from Youtube, you just need to post the right kind of videos.

The video below 'Charlie bit my finger' is an excellent example of a popular video with over 644 million views! With a CPM of just $1 the earnings from this 56 second clip would be $644,000!

Charlie bit my finger

Affiliate Marketing - Products

Affiliate Marketing or Internet Marketing is the action of promoting someone else's product (usually an ebook) online via email, blogs, websites, ezines, adverts & social media and when someone buys a product which they have promoted they earn a commission, this is usually between $1 - $50. Successful affiliates can sell 10 or 20 products a day! However this is a very small number of people, probably less than 2% and the very successful affiliates like to keep the secret of their success, well, a secret!

Every time you see an advert online on the right hand side of your screen for weight loss, how to meet women, build muscle or make money online this will probably be an affiliate promoting a digital product.

Online affiliate marketing has a bad reputation as many of the products and services promoted online are of a very poor quality and affiliates use spam methods to promote the products. One of the most well known sites with products that spammy affiliates promote is Clickbank, in fact I am not allowed to include any Clickbank links here. This is not to say that all products on Clickbank are poor.

Becoming a successful Internet marketer is not an easy task and it is becoming harder, but those few who are successful can make over $1000 or more a day.

Amazon Affiliate

Everyone knows you can make money selling products on Amazon but you can also make money by promoting other sellers items and earn a commission for each sale. You don't need to buy, hold or ship any products yourself or deal with customers. Commissions range from about 4% up to 10% of the sale price.

The Amazon Associates program is one of the best affiliate programs available; it is a brand people know and trust and they sell almost everything, which means you can find a suitable product for the topic of your website/blog/article.

If you are very knowledgeable in a certain area or about a product or range of products try writing a page about it or a review of a product. Often a product on a website or Amazon will only have a short (150 word) description, if you can write a good 500 - 1500 word review using lots of relevant keywords it is highly likely your article will rank above websites selling that product in Google search results.

If you use the word 'review' in the title and give a good, unbiased and honest review most people who are thinking about buying that product will read your article and if there is a link to the item on Amazon they will probably click through to se the price and customer reviews. If they then go on to buy an item, you will make a commission on that sale.

One of the best things about the Amazon program is that you make a commission on ANY item the person who clicked on your Amazon link buys, even if wasn't the item you displayed.

This site, HubPages has an 'Amazon capsule' feature which lets you easily add an item on Amazon, I will place an item to the right of this text as an example.

For your own blog/website Amazon provides links and banners to add to your site/blog. There are plugins and widgets for Word Press site.

Here on Hubpages you can either join the Hubpages Amazon program or use just your own Amazon associates ID. If only use your ID you will receive commission on every sale but you will be on the lowest commission tire, around 5%. If join the Hubpages Amazon program you will receive the highest commission tier, 5% - 10%.

If you have your own website or blog you can earn commission in this way too but you will need to get your site/blog approved by Amazon first. Usually this is fairly easy as long as your site does not contain adult or offensive content. You will need to have a decent amount of content for them to properly review your site/blog so work on building content and gaining traffic before you apply.

Do You Make Money Online?

How Much Do You Make?

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