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How Beginners Make Real Money Online

Updated on December 16, 2012

So how can we make real money online? everyone has there own definition to making money online, and so do I. And yet most of us search for the "big break" that will put money in our pockets over night , there is rarely such opportunities. If you've been online long enough then you should know a little about sales letters that hit our emotional button and say things like.... no need to sell anything... make money over night... while you check your stats in the morning and walla you have made $500 bucks over night, well i am afraid it ain't that simple.

Importance of Keywords

The first thing we need to focus on to make money is knowing how to choose the right keywords. I am sure most of us know about keywords and there importance in ranking well in the serps, but there are some that just slap up any old title and hope for the best. I know this may not concern those who are in this purely to just write about social topics that's fine, it's those that are looking to make some money selling digital products or E-books that need to read on.

What are Keywords

keywords are what users type into their computer and from there the search engines take over, they have the capability to scan millions of websites and find the most relevant answer to that users query. So if your title happens to have the right keywords in it you will have a better chance of getting your site found than if you didn't have the title words.
For example if you have a product you would like to promote online say.. herbal cures and it's a e-book  ten there are many online affiliate programs promoting such E-books and commissions can be easily made depending on how you promote and market this goes for any product.

Search Engines

Search engines are programs, and they do not concern themselves with reading content, well not yet although i am sure sometime in the future Google will improve this aspect of their programs. But at this stage it's a linking game with Google giving credit to those websites with quality back links, links that point to their site.Which is fair enough other wise we would have a lot of bogus sites in the top pages.But for now it is of utmost importance that you study keywords and the value of the keywords you choose to use. If your in this to make money you will need to do this in order to establish how much traffic those keywords will generate each month, to justify any profit.

Making Money With Info Barrels

This is another great way to make money online for free it has the same principal as Hubpages. You can expect %60 of the add revenue with Hubpages, but Info Barrels will give you %75 of the add revenue. Still money is money? and when it's on free platforms such as Hubs or Barrels one can't complain.

Either way you are making money simply by writing about things you love or enjoy, freelance writing online is becoming quite popular and people are making some good money working from a laptop writing articles and getting paid in the process.

It is a good way to learn how to make money online for beginners looking towards making a career writing online. So these 2 free platforms Hubs and Infobarrels can teach you a lot about setting up a web page and how to optimize it as well, with many other ways to monetize your hub or barrel

Making Money With HubPages

There are other opportunities that will allow you to make money by simply writing about anything and everything  that inspires you or you have a passion for,for example you will be able to make money with Hub pages simply by writing Hub's on your favorite topic. The more hubs you create the more money you will make it's that simple. No need to know HTML as Hubpages will give you the tools to create a great Hub. Just as long as you have great and informative content on a particular subject  that others find interesting and want to read more , you will do well with a monetized hub.


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      5 years ago

      Interesting article! For beginners the most important thing is finding a good place to communicate with clients and get hired. There are several freelance sites out there that do the job, but in my experience the best interface (not to mention lowest fees) is on


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