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The Modern Day Bankers, Greed and Power.

Updated on April 20, 2016

Bankers Get Away With It.

Its a fact of life these days we all need a Bank,however,at what price?We all make mistakes but if we,or any worker in the private sector created such a catastrophe of that magnitude we would be sacked.Even a few public sector organisations would sack,but,only a few.So why did the "Bankers"and even the Banks themselves get away with it.Even worse, we as ordinary people have had to bail them out. The British Government has given billions in order to save the financial sector,as said,we all need a Bank of sorts.Is there a to high a price to pay,as the banks have carried on regardless to what happened.The Banks and the City Bankers should have been held responsible for their actions,it is their fault for the state of the economy,to some degree.Why lend money which they didn't have,and to poorer countries,who can never pay it back,and also, hand out mortgages up to 125% of a properties value insane,handing out loans,credit cards and overdrafts by the barrow loads as if there was no tomorrow.We've all had them some probably more than others,and it's all down to greed,and our obsessiveness towards success and wealth.At the end of the day,"Money is the root of all evil"and I hate myself for saying it but we are all guilty in a small way.But the Banks and Bankers,greed has eaten away at their core,and how can we trust them.We the public is having to suffer when they are getting billions in profits and bonuses,surely this can't be right.

A word of caution is needed though,we should not let this happen again,do everything in moderation and be in control.Governments need to act now and not allow the Banks to get away with poor business practice.City bankers who deals in huge amounts of money buying and selling stocks and shares,where is this money that's being played with,to them its one big game and they thrive on it.They don't care about us all they care about is,who gets the biggest bonus.They deal in money they don't have, is this right,there's no productivity as such just a none existent entity they call "dealing in money".So why the big bonuses and how can they justify if not to us,but to themselves.It's self righteous,and self obsessed greed that has eaten away at the core of their dignity and it's us who suffer.

We need to step back and take a long look at what has happened,so we can, hopefully make the future better for our children,it's them we need to think of and hopefully they will have a future to look forward to.


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