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Can you Earn Money with Review Stream?

Updated on October 19, 2011

Writing Online Reviews

The website Review Stream promises that anyone can make money quick, just by posting reviews of products, medications, hotels, and anything else you try on a given day. All you do is start posting reviews and for each paid review you earn a small amount of money. Once you hit $30, you request payout and the funds appear in your Paypal account. But, can you actually earn money from this site?

When I found the site, I thought it was too good to be true and eventually it was. The site rejected a few reviews because I focused on describing the item. The site wants a real review, complete with what you did or did not like about the item. Once I got the hang of what they wanted, I started reviewing everything I did, saw, or bought over the course of a week.

The first time I hit payout, I sent an email and had the money within the day. That is when the problems happened. I noticed that as soon as I finished a review and pressed submit, I received an instant rejection. The system started flagging my reviews for being too short. Essentially, if I wanted the regular pay rate, I had to write longer reviews.

Review Stream offers a regular rate and a bulk rate. The regular rate is now $1.50, but when I wrote reviews, the regular rate was $2. The bulk rate is 1/5 of the regular rate, which is now a measly $.30. if the site decides that your review is not long enough or strong enough, you can still earn the bulk rate.

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Since I was still struggling with writing from home, I kept plugging away at the site. Eventually, I started an experiment, seeing exactly how long my articles lengths needed to be for the regular rate. At one point, I submitted a 700-word review I wrote for a high-paying client and the site rejected it. At 700 words, the article was too short to earn a $2 payment.

A friend had a similar experience with Review Stream, only the site “caught” her account early on. After the first payout, she had a restaurant review that Associated Content denied because it covered a chain restaurant. She uploaded the article on Review Stream and got an automatic rejection. According to the site, her 500-word article was only worth $.50.

In my experience, the site only wants longer reviews or reviews on specific items. Once you hit payout, unless you write lengthy experience-based reviews or review medications, electronics, and travel-based products, you will not earn payout again.

You can make money on Review Stream, but do not count it as one of your regular eggs. Instead of writing a 200-word review, expand your review to 400 words and upload it on Associated Content. Even if you only earn page views, you will earn far more than $1.50.


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    • profile image

      marie17183 5 years ago

      I just tried Review Stream now. Wrote a review on a hotel and nope, got rejected immediately. I'm glad I caught this early. Not worth the effort. It's back to the old saying again: "if it's too good to be true, it probably is."