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Can you earn money using Protypers?

Updated on September 1, 2015


  • You spent to much time for only $0.99 or 1 dollar. And your money will be deducted in every error. But think about it, how long did you type to fulfill that 1000 captchas . In my own opinion, It's better to work which has minimum wage. Because, even you work hard but you didn't pay right. Is not good. You spent to much time and effort for that. But you will earn in just a small bill. Well it is your own choice. If you really wanted to do it or not.
  • Based on my web survey, Some of them said they paid but sometimes is late. Well, good to know that they are not just a scam. Atleast they paid even it's late.
  • Based on my web survey, Protypers steal their number of works. For example you earn $1.2 USD and the next day it will back to $0.5 USD. They told, because they deducted the errord that you type.
  • Image loading is slow. That's why you took long to wait.
  • Some wrong or mistakes and skip, you will be suspended for 24 hours. But, sadly If you get banned. You will not able to get your fee.

How they do process of payment

  • They will pay you every monday with specific time or it will take until Wednesday morning.
  • They will update your account if you will get pay that day.
  • The minimum typercredit before you will pay is $3.00 USD
  • If your typercredit didn't meet the minimum pay, you can continue it buy next other day and it will remain your balanced on your page until you reached the minimum balance.
  • After they pay you, your balanced in your account will reset to zero balance again. And you can start again.
  • They can pay you buy using Paypal and Cebuana Lhuillier

Do you think you can earn?

Yes, you can earn in Protyper. But this was not Easy Job and Easy Money. You can earn how you work and how long did you work.

But take note of it.

  • You need more time. Time is really important on it. I think this is good, if you do nothing in whole day. At least you can earn.
  • You need internet. You can work this if you have a internet.
  • You should excess an effort to earn.
  • You need also a patience. If you don't have patience. I must say you should not try this. (That's why I stop to try this.)

Earn by using Affiliate Program

  • Commission: You can earn money by your referrals.
  • Referrals: You can invite by your account affiliate link..
  • Once you get referral by your affliate link, you can get 10% of earning.


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