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Canadian Customs Brokers in Vancouver

Updated on April 27, 2011

Vancouver Canadian Customs Brokers

The average person in Vancouver has no idea what a Canadian customs broker is, but if you run a business that imports items from overseas you will likely need to find one. Everything that comes into Canada from another country needs to clear customs and for a lot of items this can be a complicated process. Given it's location on the west coast and the fact that it is a major port there are a fairly large number of Canadian Customs brokers in Vancouver. If your business needs to import items you will find them to be a huge help.

Importing items into Canada is an enormously complicated procedure, far more complicated than most people can imagine. In theory a company can handle the process themselves but in most cases it would be crazy to even try. In a lot of cases there can be literally hundreds of forms that need to be filled out before an item can clear customs. Most companies don't even know what all of these forms are let alone how to fill them out, a Canadian customs broker can save you a tremendous amount of time and effort. This can be especially important if the item you are importing is essential to your business, if it gets stuck at customs for months it could cost you huge sum of money.

There is far more than just paper work involved in getting an item through customs and this is another area where a Canadian customs broker can help Vancouver businesses. Not every item can be imported to Canada, most items are charged duty and the amount charged will vary depending on where the item came from. Canadian customs brokers in Vancouver are highly trained professionals, licensed by the federal government to be experts on the process of importing items into Canada. The service they offer can be invaluable.

Many companies also use Canadian customs brokers as advisers to help them before they even start the process of importing an item. They can offer advise on what items can and can't be brought into Canada and they can often help to reduce the duty that is charged on imports. There are many legal ways to reduce or eliminate the duty that is charged when importing an item and a Canadian customs broker can advise you on how to do this.

Any company in Vancouver that needs to import items from overseas needs the services of a Canadian customs broker. They can save you an enormous amount of time and money, not to mention headaches. There are plenty of Canadian customs brokers in Vancouver so you should have little difficulty finding one who meets your needs.


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