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The Treasonous Cannabis Scam

Updated on February 27, 2018

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and virtually all of America's founding fathers believed the cannabis plant to be the world's most useful and beneficial plant. They all grew it in their private gardens and encouraged all Americans to grow it too. Jefferson believed that nothing strengthened a country's economy more than the addition of a valuable plant.

In the early days of America, the Cannabis plant was more commonly known as hemp. It was used to make rope, sails for ships, clothing, paper, fuel oil for lamps, flour for bread, and various forms of strong building materials. The seeds were not only plentiful but were nutty tasting and delicious, rich in protein, and loved by fish, birds, animals, and humans.

The flower buds that grow on the female cannabis plant contain the best medicine ever found. Because cannabis is so hearty it can grow virtually anywhere. It has been used by people all over the world for the past 10,000 years. Scientific research now reveals the fact that cannabis empowers a human's weakened immune system more effectively than anything ever found. This is so important because when we have a strong immune system we simply do not get sick.

Rick Simpson, Dennis Hill, and many others have proven that cannabis cures cancer, all forms of cancer, and does so more effectively than any other form of treatment ever found. Now, the scientific and empirical evidence proves, without a doubt, this to be true. The only people with cancer who don't respond positively to the cannabis treatment are those who have already received so much surgery, radiation and chemotherapy that their immune systems have been virtually destroyed by the barbaric allopathic form of treatment.

More recently, we have discovered the cannabis plant to be the world's best source for food, fuel, fiber, paper, plastic, and medicine. As a food, we have found the seeds to be the finest source of protein on earth, even better than meat, eggs, or nuts. The cannabis seeds contain the most perfect balance of both Omega 3 and Omega 6 found in nature. These are considered the two most important essential fatty acids that the human body does not produce. We must get them from an outside source and the cannabis seeds are the best source on earth.

As a fuel, cannabis seeds produce the finest and cleanest burning fuel oil on the planet. The oil from the seeds also makes the finest oils for skin care. It makes the skin softer, healthier and more vibrant than any other oil on earth. It has also been calculated that we can totally replace our need for fossil fuel with the fuel we can produce from cannabis plants grown on only 6% of America's farmland.

Regarding the environment, fuel made from Cannabis is a much cleaner burning fuel than fossil fuel. Currently, worldwide fossil fuel sales are approaching $7 trillion dollars. Fossil fuel is controlled by a few people whereas cannabis can be grown anywhere by anyone, thereby effectively spreading the wealth among many.

As a fiber, cannabis makes the strongest and longest lasting clothing. It is reported to be about 7 times stronger than cotton and keeps you warmer when it is cold outside and cooler when it is hot. What's more, the cannabis plant does not require any pesticides, whereas half of the pesticides used in the United States today are used on cotton. And, of course, pesticides have been linked to all sorts of health problems, like cancer.

As a fiber, cannabis can also be used to make the best plastic and, by far, the most environmentally friendly plastic. It can be used to make thousands of plastic products, all superior in quality to the petroleum based plastics we have been forced to purchase.

As a fiber, cannabis can also make the finest, strongest, and longest lasting paper, also using a process which is much more environmentally friendly than the chemical process used in making paper from wood pulp. Plus, trees need to grow for about 20 years before they are ready to be used for paper and their harvesting leads to various environmental problems, like the disruption of animal habitats, soil erosion, and oxygen depletion.

In many places, two cannabis crops can be grown and harvested from the same land in the same year. Unlike any other crop known to man, cannabis enriches the soil in which it grows instead of depleting it. Therefore, the same soil can be used again and again to grow cannabis, thereby producing healthier and healthier crops year after year.

As a medicine, cannabis can replace the vast majority of the expensive and often dangerous petroleum based synthetic medicines we are forced to use today. Cannabis contains about 66 different cannabinoids which act to empower a weakened immune system more effectively than anything else ever found.

Outside of a few plants associated with the citrus family, broccoli, and carrots that reportedly have small trace amounts of cannabinoids, there are only two places in nature where strong or heavy duty cannabinoids can be found. One is in the Endo-cannabinoid system of the human body and the other is in the cannabis plant. It's like this plant was a special gift to us from God Almighty.

While cannabis is fully legal in two states, Colorado and Washington, it is also legal only for medical purposes in Washington D.C. and 21 other states. The federal government in Washington D.C. still classifies cannabis as a Class One narcotic, along with drugs like heroin, cocaine, and LSD. Currently, if the U.S. Government catches you growing or using cannabis, even in those states where it is legal, you can still be charged with a felony and go to prison.

A class one drug is one that has absolutely no proven medicinal value. While this Class one designation for cannabis, the world's best medicine, is clearly incorrect, the politicians in the U.S. Government refuse to do the right thing and re-classify cannabis correctly and make it legal. OK then, you may be wondering, if the Cannabis plant is so wonderful in so may ways, why on Earth would the U.S. Government continue to make it illegal?

In answering this question, we need to understand who really controls the United States of America at the very top. It is certainly not the President, congress, or the Supreme Court. No, the people who control America are the same people who control the Federal Reserve Bank and our money supply.

The Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank owned by a handful of enormously wealthy people, led by the Rothschild Family of Europe and the Rockefeller Family here in America. These people control the money supply not only here in America but in more than 165 countries around the world. They have been referred to as The Black Nobility, The Illuminati, The Ruling Elites or simply The Powers That Be (TPTB).

As Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild said back in the 1700's, "Give me control over a country's money supply and I don't care who makes the laws." In essence, Rothschild was saying that when he controls the money supply, he controls the government and virtually everything else.

Therefore, these incredibly wealthy central bankers like the Rothschild's and Rockefeller's totally control the U.S. Government. In reality, these men own and/or control most everything else too. They control the media, the military-industrial complex, the medical establishment, the financial establishment (referred to as Wall Street), all major corporations, and, of course everyone of influence in the U.S. Government, from the President down to our congress, the judiciary, and our military and intelligence operations.

Most people in America remain unaware of this profound truth because TPTB own and/or totally control all the TV and Radio networks, Newspapers, magazines, and virtually every source of information you can name. Therefore, the only information you receive is information they want you to know. This was especially true before the arrival of the internet. Now, however, with the internet, TPTB have not managed to gain total control over it at this time. Folks like you and I can still express the truth as we see it.

Now that you have some understanding of who is in charge, let's look back to the year 1937 when the cannabis plant was made illegal in America and learn why this really happened.

At that time, in 1937, the Rockefeller Family monopolized both the oil and chemical industries in America. William Randolph Hearst, the newspaper giant, was also the largest owner of trees used to make wood pulp for paper. The DuPont Family was about to introduce two new multi-billion dollar product lines. One was a new patented chemical process for making paper out of wood pulp and the other was a new product called PLASTIC which DuPont introduced in 1938.

While there were many people involved in this criminal conspiracy to make cannabis illegal, it was primarily these three wealthy and powerful men who spearheaded this wicked movement. They knew that a legal cannabis plant threatened their multi-billion dollar industries. How?

Essentially, everything that can be made from crude oil, petroleum based chemicals and trees can also be made from the cannabis plant. The difference is that the products made from cannabis are superior in quality and are made in a far more environmentally friendly fashion. Rockefeller, Hearst, and DuPont all stood to lose billions in profits if cannabis remained legal.

The Rockefeller Family had also been working hard since the early 1900s to corner the medical establishment which included the pharmaceutical industry. They wanted to replace all of the low cost natural herbal based medicines and medical practices with the new and far more expensive slash, poison, and burn form of medicine from Germany called allopathic medicine.

William Randolph Hearst, who owned a large number of newspapers, launched a campaign of lies and deception against the cannabis plant. This was yellow journalism at its worst. Hearst knew that everyone was aware of the term Hemp because it had been used for centuries to make rope and sails for ships, clothing, paper, and a host of other essential products.

Hearst deceptively renamed the Cannabis plant, also known as hemp, an obscure name that nobody had ever heard before. He called it marijuana. Marijuana was actually the name of a weed that grew in Mexico and had no relation at all to the Cannabis plant family.

Hearst started spreading the lie that whenever Mexican men and Black men smoked that evil Marijuana it made them want to rape white women. He repeated this lie again and again which resulted in terrifying white women as well as white men who formed the vast majority of voters at that time. Naturally, many frightened people expressed their fears to their congressmen.

The U.S. Government even got involved in the movement to demonize the cannabis plant by appointing Harry Anslinger, a relative of the Mellon family, DuPont's banker, to produce a series of films promoting the lies about marijuana. The film Reefer Madness is the most famous of these films. When you watch this film today you can see how unbelievably corrupt these men were. The lies they were telling were absolutely absurd and utterly ridiculous.

When a bill to make marijuana illegal was introduced in congress, it was quickly rushed through both the House and the Senate and passed without much, if any, debate. It was later discovered that most congressmen had absolutely no idea that marijuana was actually hemp, a plant most of them would have never made illegal if they had known the truth.

If the cannabis plant was to be made legal in all 50 states today, it could soon become a multi-trillion dollar industry. Remember, the global revenue for fossil fuels, alone, is about $7 trillion dollars. The present global multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry could be essentially replaced by cannabis based medicines. The multi-trillion dollar global clothing industry could be heavily influenced by cannabis.

Food, paper, plastic, building materials, creams, lotions, and literally thousands of products of a superior quality can be produced from the cannabis plant. Since the cannabis plant cannot be patented, all of us can grow it ourselves if we choose. The wealth generated by the cannabis industry would be spread out among millions of people instead of just a greedy few as it is today.

For the folks concerned about any negative consequences associated with smoking marijuana to get high, remember Abe Lincoln. Abe Lincoln said his favorite thing to do was to sit on his front porch in his rocking chair, play his harmonica, and smoke a bowl of sweet hemp.

Most reasonable people understand that smoking marijuana, or eating marijuana brownies, or whatever way one might choose to consume the substance, you simply need to know when to say when. The same thing applies to wine, whiskey, beer, ice cream, candy, potato chips, soft drinks, and cheeseburgers. Regardless of the substances you may choose to consume, simply be reasonable and know how much is appropriate and right for you.

Some of the many benefits of Cannabis

Dennis Hill telling how he cured his Prostate Cancer


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    • darciefrench profile image

      Darcie French 

      3 years ago from BC Canada

      Excellent hub, many thanks for bringing the benefits of this amazing plant back into the light.


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