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“Can’t get the staff”: 7 Easy Steps for Undertaking Professional Job Interviews

Updated on April 24, 2015

The internet is bursting with advice for the interviewee in their quest to conquer that interview milestone and bag the job of their dreams, but the truth is that being nervous and subject to interview inexperience isn’t merely restricted to the other side of the table. What's more when a business’ most valuable resource is its staff few can afford to make the wrong choice when hiring. With this in mind this guide talks you through seven easy to follow steps for perfecting your interview skills as an employer.

1. Get to grips with what it is that you’re really looking for

Real world and on the job experience, qualifications and personal qualities are all important to a candidate’s worth, but truly valuable employees don’t merely undertake a job role, they are there to provide a solution to one or more business need.

This need must be analysed. Think about the ways in which you can assess the success of fulfilling or not fluffing the job position that you’ve advertised, and try to imagine the ‘ideal’ candidate in and as this relates to experience, personal qualities and qualifications.


2. Consider how you’ll identify the ideal person to fulfil that business need

Now that you know what you’re looking for, you need to know how you can identify the ideal person to fulfill it. Think about how you’ll assess each candidate; beyond mere skills you also need to consider their apparent personality traits. Don’t restrict yourself to only the experienced if it’s not necessary, as often the most dedicated and potential filled may come from other areas of business and walks of life.

3. Communicate completely the process of the interview to each interviewee

Every interview should be fully informed as to what they can expect come interview day. This goes beyond the where, the why and the whos and extends to include a brief of the interview structure. It also pays to remember that you as a potential employer, are equally being interviewed, and anything less than a perfect performance may see the best candidate fall through the net.


As an interviewer what do you find most intimidating about the process?

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4. Opt for a conversation, rather than an under the spotlight integration

The most constructive of interviews are those that play out as more of a conversation; this approach gives way to answers that are more natural and a candidate that feels more at ease to speak freely and equally it will allow you the time to consider your next question (rather than feel under pressure to move onto a predefined list of questions that read like a script spoken in monotone).

Job interview advice for employers - CareerOne

5. Always asking follow up questions

Expanding upon the above point you must ensure that you ask follow up questions, very often these can be the most illuminating, allowing you to truly learn about the person before you. What's more follow up questions additionally show that you’re listening and it takes you past the prepared answers that the candidate may have.

6. Explaining what happens next

At the end of the interview it’s important to explain to the interviewee what to expect next. Tell them what you’ll do next, and by when.

7. The importance of feedback

Failure to feedback is unfortunately all too common, but equally should be considered as a business faux pas. After all, the people who have sat before you are ultimately paying you a compliment in that they’d love to work for your company.

In the very least you should ensure that you send a generic reply thanking them and explaining that they have failed to secure the position. Ideally however you should personalise your letters and help the candidate by explaining why you choose another candidate for the position over them.


Hopefully the advice above will have you undertaking interviews like a pro in no time. I’d love to hear in the comments of your experiences with interviews and the common issues that you’ve found when searching for that perfect employee.

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