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Capitalism Needs Communism

Updated on July 14, 2011

What about our jobs?

With all the wrangling and finger pointing that is going on regarding the tax shortfalls both local and national, it is peculiar that “we” as an intelligent people can’t cut through the politics to understand what is at the bottom of the situation and make the correct choices along the way to get “us” back on track.

What has caused the taxes to be in such short supply? The recent toxic assets debacle with Wall Street and subsequent recession has a lot to do with it for sure. But I think you must look farther back in history to gain a real representation of where it started. There is too much to cover but I will try to put it into my perspective and as succinctly as I can.

With the incredible rise of the middle class that came about after World War II there was little going wrong. The nuclear age was born and a great manufacturing giant was realized in America producing for the war and it continued as the baby boomers multiplied.

The domestic production of this country allowed many to experience the American dream with being able to get a good paying job, buy a house, send your children to good schools and prepare for retirement.

Unfortunately the military industrial complex was born as well and we were warned of it by Eisenhower with its desire to escalate the growth of the military and the products necessary to supply it. Viet Nam soon ensued and other small to greater wars that gave us reason to spend more and more on defense. Whether you believe we were spreading freedom or not is not the issue here. It is the taxes and spending rate to support the imperialistic direction we have taken that is now helping to strangle us with debt.

Private Banks have been entrenched in the Federal Reserve since its inception with political appointments and not elected posts to its board starting with Woodrow Wilson until the present day. Many illegal and immoral uses of its power have become a normal occurrence i.e. printing worthless paper and calling it money. Causing debt scandals such as was done to the farmers in the twenties, bailing out Germany and Hitler’s’ Nazi Party up until the war, etc..

There are many smaller issues that have taken its toll on the economic health of America but the devastation of our jobs and their availability is at the core of the problem. Big business with its drive to better profit itself and its share holders has lobbied Washington mercilessly with special interest money and gifts so the politicians act at their bidding. One great accomplishment of this was the signing of NAFTA with its sweeping change to the way foreign and domestic products are traded and taxed. The downturn in manufacturing jobs that was the mainstay of the middle class was devastated and is now in the limelight as the president and congress fill us with dreams of new technologies and jobs that will spring from the new direction. Yet the banks and corporate giants buy into foreign manufacturing to squirrel away more profits to the detriment of domestic labor. Cheap available products are what we need to continue our way of life and leadership as a consumer society is the cry of retailers and big box stores have bought into it as much as they can to supply the frenzy.

As the leaders of free enterprise and capitalism which is born of the democracy model we profess as the greatest system in the world, we have to use workforces from communist and repressive regimes to produce the cheap products that fuel our economy. We can’t make our own model work here in America. What a truly hypocritical disconnect that is!!!

The houses that we worked so hard to get and pay for are now worth much less and the jobs we work pay us the same as ten years ago or less while longer hours are the normal route to make up the difference. The work force we compete against makes significantly less than us and the result is that we are racing against the foreign worker to make less so that we can win and become more competitive?

Without the jobs we are putting band aids on everything until it overtakes us. Raising the debt limit so that we can pay our bills? With what? Monopoly money? These solutions are counterproductive and only make the problem worse.

American manufacturing needs a chance to be competitive on an American basis and not on foreign models that are run by governments and ideals that are not based on fair play and equality.

Whether we wish to admit it or not we are moving towards a model much like Europe and there is little we can do to stop it unless we take control of our own destinies.


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