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Capitol Club Tower: A Vision for Tomorrow

Updated on July 5, 2012
Photo of future Capitol Club Tower
Photo of future Capitol Club Tower | Source

A Bold Initiative in Development and Architecture

Another important initiative for the Lansing Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) is the proposed Capitol Club Tower on Grand Avenue in downtown. This stunning project, still in the planning stages, will introduce a new residential tower to central Lansing, and will make a signal contribution to contemporary urban architecture everywhere. Combining the need for residential space with a new accent to punctuate the skyline, the Capitol Club Tower will (it is hoped) spearhead the main thrust of the city center into Twenty-First Century essential and stylish living.

The Tower

The tower will consist of 122 residential units in all but will initially house some 80 residents. The germ of the idea began back in 2006, when the Capitol Club Tower Development Company approached the city of Lansing with plans for the project. It has been classified as "under construction" for some years. An exact completion date is currently pending. It will be the tallest privately built structure in Lansing since the Capital Bank Tower (now the Boji Tower) went up in 1931. Private investment has indeed already been committed in the amount of $25,000,000,00, but again will only amount to $700,000.00 at first. The project also gained Renaissance Zone status for a public incentive.

Architectural features

Perhaps as striking as the project idea itself is its daring architecture. Decidedly futuristic, a silver shaft will rise with a presence resembling a missile out of a brown base. The shaft will reach twelve stories into the air. An attached parking ramp will be harmoniously integrated into the base to make the whole composition appear more natural. The top will simulate a domed effect and will arrest the eye of anyone who sees it.

Ultimate benefits

This project is not typical of most LEDC initiatives. Previously in these pages, the author has explained the transition from former use to anticipated function of each project. For example, the Motor Wheel and Accident Fund conversion projects concerned new uses for older industrial buildings no longer suited for their original purposes. Here is an almost experimental tower with no previous history of function in the community. Further, it will be constructed with the sole aim of the provision of luxury residential units for those reasonably affluent. Only one new job is anticipated as a result of this new project, so it cannot be sold on the basis of economic rejuvenation for this region. Instead, it must be accepted for what it is: a striking new addition to the skyline with equally striking views, but not a critical component of area recovery.


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