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Carbonless Forms for Business (NCR)

Updated on April 3, 2011

Its already time for those who haven't switched to carbonless forms from the traditional methods of copying handwritten content by using carbon papers. It is true that the carbon papers were a remarkable idea during the initial stage of such widespread usage of same for business and various other purposes. But now, things have changed a lot and Efficiency and environmental and health related issues are something that are really to be concerned besides this business. So we go for carbon less forms for small and large scale business.

5 Part Carbonless Forms

Carbonless forms
Carbonless forms

Carbon papers Vs Carbonless Forms (NCR)

Only one side of the carbon paper is coated with pigments or ink like substance. But things work differently in an NCR. It consists of paper sheets which are coated with special type of ink or dye.
Carbonless forms are now available as cheap and in various discounted forms. The best part is that price of carbonless  papers are really reasonable because there is an awesome option for buying custom carbonless forms as wholesale or to your desired amount.

Different Carbonless forms Printing

It is very available to print or purchase carbonless forms with standard color schemes and printing process.

2 Part Carbonless Forms : Made by 2 joint papers. It works in the most simple way. That is, one carbon copy to your customer and the other for yourselves in the records section.

3 Part carbonless Forms : It is possible to create 2 extra copies of the original writing. So 3 joint papers are used here.  So one for the customer and 2 for your office use as two separate record in separate departments of billing or other information.

4 Part Carbonless Forms : Yes, 3 Extra copies are possible.

5 Part : Here is a great choice for a large number of enterprises following the standards for record keeping in a more efficient way. This is a good option anyway. 4 Extra copies of the original work without any carbon papers. That’s really good to go with if your enterprise follows some strict standards in record keeping and maintenance.

Custom Carbonless Forms

Most of the time, the above options proved to be really enterprise-friendly since it correctly obeys the industry standards. But there are occasions where you are about to go with your customs plans and that’s not at all a problem as long as this option is readily available. You may know that the same company can provide you the custom carbonless business forms too.  This involves more involvement from your side and everything can be taken care of based on your idea. Its been a great practice since the office works found a new work style with one’s own custom forms and printing process.

Price of Carbonless Forms

100 % Standard price lists are not actually available for carbonless forms as it is something that fluctuates based up on a lot of parameters like the dimension of the paper, quantity, enterprise and even the country code. But still there is some common things in pricing since the product is used world wide. There is a considerable amount of price variation when it comes to more personalization like lamination, delivery options and more.
Price information of a commonly used enterprise forms are provided below. That is subjected to changes with the above mentioned parameters.

2 Part Carbonless Paper forms of dimensions 8.5 x 11 of 20 lb when purchased at a quantity of 500 costs around $350. The color scheme is common and this one is without any lamination or embossing. Lamination are not costing any considerable amount in most of the cases. Choosing industry standard carbonless forms are good way to start with but if you are strict in your custom plans, then custom carbonless papers are always available.


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