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Career Advancement Guidelines for Newbies.

Updated on March 21, 2009

How to shine during hard times?

You landed your first dream job after graduate and you have been at it for about two years. Obviously, you are looking for a career promotion to move up the corporate ladder. But, at the same time you are seeking advice on how to move up the corporate ladder successfully. As we are all aware, there is no hard and fast rules to this. However, there are tips or guidelines to help you get promoted. In order to get promoted, first you need to standout among the rest. And the next question is , what must you do to standout and gain promotion.


1)Hardworking - Though this career advice sounds old fashion and difficult to absorb especially to career newbies but the end result is that in order for the results to show you still need to be hardworking. Many would expect to hear work smart instead of working hard. But, no matter how many tricks you know to work smart, you still need to work hard in order for the results to show. Any short cuts that does not required hard work will not bear fruits.

2)Serious - You need to focus on your work. A leader never allow anything to detract him or her from what needs to be done and meet the deadline because he knows what is priority and what is mere pleasure. If you are serious in your work, you will minimize mistakes. Being serious means being focused in your work and still able to enjoy your work.

3) Indispensable - Strive to be a key competitive advantage to your boss and your department. By doing that you are actually making yourself indispensable. Being indispensable means taking initiatives, do what needs to be done in time and takes the initiative to do what is beyond the call of duty.

4)Nice - Being nice at work means to be delight and pleasing to work with. It means to be polite and able to handle your anger and frustration. In other words stay calm and cool. If you possess all ( polite, pleasing to work with and the ability to handle your emotions well), then you demonstrate leadership.

5) Enthusiasm- Be enthusiastic at work if you want to gain promotion. Put passion behind every task that is assigned to you. When you put enthusiasm into every task, then work becomes easier , lighter and minimal mistakes. The feeling of passion can easily being transferred to your colleagues. It can also fuels them to work harder for that common goal. If you work that way, you will naturally standout among the rest at work.

In order to excel at work, remember to practice these attributes. It will assist you to increase your chances to gain the promotion ; Hardworking, Be Serious, strive to be Indispensable, Nice and Enthusiastic .


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    • profile image

      Charmaine Lim 8 years ago

      It is patent that in order to get promoted, you need to shine.