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Career Choices and Skills for Insurance Jobs

Updated on May 7, 2015

Find Insurance Jobs

Get known to insurance sector
Get known to insurance sector

Seek Jobs in the Insurance Sector

For all those aiming for a job in insurance, here is a guide to get you going. Before you start searching for a suitable job in insurance, you first need to update yourself about the suitable job profiles and also the skills required to serve as a valuable resource in this sector. It will prepare you well to ace it while you are on the job. So, go through all of these crucial details and get ready to nail it.

Since insurance is a customer centric industry, it is suitable for those, who are good at customer service and communication. So, instill the best of these qualities and search for the suitable jobs in insurance. Besides, before you start with your job hunt, you should also ensure to have the required qualifications as specified by most of the insurance companies.

Find a suitable job

Be qualified for best jobs
Be qualified for best jobs

You may consider these insurance jobs

Before you start scrolling through various insurance jobs, you need to have a look at what all positions can you apply for. This will help bring more clarity to what do you want to do.

Insurance Agent

A job of an insurance agent deals with selling policies and other products of the company to the customers. These are the people who pitch their services to clients and try to give them the best ones as per their needs. This profile suits those, who are blessed with good people skills as their profile lets them influence people on the services being offered by the company. This job generally doesn't require any specific degree, but in some cases it may.

Customer Service Executive

Every insurance company has a customer care centre where these representatives are available to revert to the queries of clients. They may get frequent calls of customers asking about the insurance policies taken by them such as their completion date or amount left to be paid or any such inquiries. To attend such queries coming from customers, these customer services representatives are hired by the companies. They are trained by the company and hold detailed knowledge of the services being offered.

Claims Representative

There are instances where the clients need to claim for the policy taken by them. This is a long process, which is taken care of by these claim representatives. They get the insurance settlements and claims done managing all the paper work and calculations. They also ensure the credibility of the reasons, for which the insurance is being claimed. They handle the entire process and are the points of access for the clients to get any details about the amount they are entitled to, in case of any claim.


An underwriter is the person, who decides whether an individual or a property is entitled to be insured or not. He also looks forward to the amount to be charged to a client for any particular insurance.

Insurance Jobs

Scroll through the insurance jobs
Scroll through the insurance jobs

Aim high

Upgrade your skills to be a suitable resource for insurance jobs.
Upgrade your skills to be a suitable resource for insurance jobs. | Source

Key Skills That Work in Insurance Sector

To qualify for such jobs, a person needs to hold relevant qualifications and skills that can work well for his profile. In insurance where one needs to deal with the clients, one needs to possess the following skills.

People Skills

Is dealing with clients a part of your job? If yes, you have to be blessed with people skills so as to keep them tuned to what you have to say. While dealing with your clients, you need to develop a sense of faith so as to keep the customers interested.

Extensive industry specific knowledge

To serve on any of the above defined positions, one has to ensure that he/she possess the industry specific knowledge and also an understanding of the insurance rules and guidelines. This helps them deliver the right information to the clients with a better understanding of their needs. Only with an updated knowledge base, they can efficiently suggest the right insurance policies and other services to the clients.

Excellent Customer Service

A good customer service is something that works a lot in favour of a company. So, try offering the best customer service. Attend every query coming from the customer, provide them the best solution, make them feel satisfied and it will all work for you.

Communication Skills

Another trait that can help you maintain your client list. Your communication skills should be good enough to keep the customers interested in listening to you. An insurance agent should know what to say and how to, and he will get his share of attention.


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