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Career Development Planning

Updated on July 2, 2010

Career Development Planning

Careful and considered thought needs to be given to your Career Development Planning if you are to remain in control of it.

Are you aware of what you need? What growth? These could be very unlike from those that a manager or career advisor identifies for you. If you want to discover a career development model that works for you then you need to be aware of your own needs.

By taking stock of where you are at right now and where you want to be in say five months, years whatever, you will be capable to work out a development procedure that will help you to get there.

Make sure you are working towards your goals, not someone elseĀ“s. Are you in the driving seat of your career planning?

To join these two points you will want to see several significant events along the way. A series of small achievemnets lead to a significantly large outcome. Now you will notice the insufficiencies you have. This is a good thing as it lets you know what you have to overcome in your Career Development Plan.

it is unlikely you can reach your destination without a plan. loads of people wish they could change career or at least advance faster than they are presently doing, yet they will not put any effort into making this happen. it takes more than hope. It takes action.

With a plan you know what action to take and when to take it. You need a process to enable you to do this in a systematic fashion. So do not neglect your career plan and personality testing.

If you were to swap career for life you would definitely take things very significantly. Where do you spend most of your time? Most probably at work. So work plays a large part of our life, so we need to take it seriously.

This career development scheme is every bit as critical as our life idea. It should be of concern to us that we go through life without a scheme. Most people just wander through life and hope that everything will be fine. Hope is no substitute for a plan.

Some people complain about how life is working out and some have a plan. Which are you? They complain that they are in a dead end career and are just unlucky. They may be in a dead end work but chance does not have much to do with it.

To alter anything in your life it is you who has to do it and the 1st step in this change should be to establish a career plan that will at the very least stop you from drifting through life thinking if only things could be different.

Have you discovered what it is you should be doing yet? What actions have you agreed to undertake? At the very least find out how you go about creating a career development model and what you need to do to put a career development process in place.

With you plan in hand you will have taken the first steps towards changing your life. Career planning may be what it is called but think if you are spending extra time at work than anywhere else then this is life preparation too.


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    • antigravity profile image

      antigravity 3 years ago

      please mention a flow chart career development plan.