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Geothermal Technician as a Career Option

Updated on July 20, 2013

Geothermal Process Explained

Overview of a Geothermal Technician

The harnessing of heat from deep within the core of the earth to supply homes with warmth may sound like an odd job, but it does exist. The professional who conducts this type of operation is known as a Geothermal Technician. The core of the earth is very warm/hot with a temperature of 11, 000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Geothermal Technology is a relatively new field that holds exciting prospects for not only those who decide to pursue a career in the field, but also for the cost of energy consumption and the environment. This field of technology brings the consumer peace of mind from being able to save on energy. The field of Geothermal Technology has a positive outlook for those who decide to pursue a career, as it continues to emerge and become more popular with home owners and the business industry.

Geothermal Technician Career

Functions of a Geothermal Technician

The basic role of a Geothermal Technician is maintaining, installing and repairing geothermal heating and cooling systems. There are three main components of this system. They are the loop that is installed below ground close to the home to be serviced, a pump for circulating water through the loop so it can heat up then extract the heat, and finally the distribution system that will send the captured heat throughout the rest of the house.

The main function of the Geothermal Technician is setting up the heating system then connecting it to the other sections of the home. They will also need to carry out maintenance and repair work if and it is needed. If the system does need maintenance or repair, then the technician will need to diagnose the problem, order necessary parts and correct the problem. The function of a Geothermal Technician is similar to that of a heating technician.

A Geothermal Technician must also be prepared to play the role of a facilitator. They will have to educate customers about the system and the technology on a whole. It is necessary for this to take place as Geothermal heating is a new technological field with which the customers are just getting acquainted. Aside from identifying and correcting malfunctions in the geothermal system, the technician will also monitor and adjust the operations of the plant/system and make necessary adjustments to the power supply system so that the load and distribution demands are met. The pipes that were laid will need to be covered to protect them and new trenches to facilitate further pipe laying will need to be done. These are also part of the duties of the Geothermal Technician.

Geothermal Installation Video

Requirements for Becoming a Geothermal Technician

There are a number of institutions that offer a training course for those who wish to become a Geothermal Technician. Individuals already working in the field of Geothermal heating can get his skills certified by simply applying to an institution that is certified to offer the course. There are no major academic requirements for entering this field of study. The course can last up to two years and a certificate is awarded at the end of the course.

The course takes students through training that will equip them with skills to design systems such as piping, ducting and pumping systems. The increased interest among home owners in having the system installed in their homes opens doors for those who are qualified to acquire an exciting and a steady job.

Good personality traits to have for this career is a level head, being able to remain calm under pressure and to be ready for a challenge at all times. Employers will be keen on technicians who are able to display these attributes as it is a demanding job. Technicians must be able to work under stressful conditions while maintaining their composure.


This job is for the most part an outdoor job with installations to be done inside various homes. Technicians must be up and about at the location that the service is needed. It is not an office job and it may get a grueling at times depending on the location and the weather. Technicians will also be doing a lot of manual work for the digging and laying of pipelines. When pipes are not being laid there will be maintenance checks to get done.


As the field of Geothermal heating expands the prospect of the earning a great salary will become even more and more realistic. The salaries for Geothermal Technicians differ based on their geographical location, country and level of education. As a marker, the current rate in the US is $41, 000.


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