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Career in Sales

Updated on June 16, 2010

Are you a professional salesman or saleswoman? If not, are you considering following a career in sales? Is a career in sales right for you?

That's great! Allow me to share some of my own thoughts with you.

First and foremost, being a successful salesperson requires a great deal of dedication, determination, commitment and motivation from oneself.

A career in sales is probably one of the most challenging field that a person can choose to pursue in life, however, it can also be one of the most rewarding career there is in the market today.

However, if you're planning to start a career in such a field, you must carefully consider asking yourself if following a career in sales is something that you would enjoy doing for the rest of your life or not.

Unfortunately, selling is not something that everyone likes doing for a short period of time and, even less, for the whole life.  

What takes to be successful in sales?

1 - To be successful one must be self committed to never give up when the first answer that he or she hears is "NO". Remember, most "No's" really doesn't mean no, it might mean "I don't understand" "can you repeat it again" or "I don't see value for buying your product or service". So, if you receive a "NO" this only means, that you failed to build trust and value with your client. Don't give up just yet.

Is it sales career to everyone?

2 - A career in sales is not for everyone, people who enter in the sales' workforce because of the high earning potential or because he/she thinks that it will be easy doing it, people with such a mentality, should look for a different field to build their career because clearly, they don't where they are getting themselves in.

Working in sales is very hard, it takes time, dedication, commitment, persistence and many other attributes to become a successful sales person. Of course, the high earning potential is there but, it also takes hard work, persistence and consistency among others attributes to achieve successful results in sales.

What are the main attributes one should have?

3 - The main attributes one should have to be a successful salesperson are: Positive attitude, self-motivator, patience, persistence, determination, dedication, truthful, honorable and many others.

Why sales is so challenging?

4 - Working in sales is very challenging because, it is one of those careers that in order to one be successful, he or she must have excellent people skills, such as: listening and communication. A professional in this field must continually be studying the tricks of the trade, such as: people's behaviors, verbal and non-verbal communication, marketing trends for their products and services, the competition general business practice including their products and service, pricing and, so on.

Honestly, not very many people has the strength to keep up with what it takes to be a successful professional salesperson. But,those who have figured out the system understand that a career in sales truly is one of the most rewarding ones.

Why so many people hate salespeople?

5 - Those who hate salespeople don't really understand the nature of wonderful profession, in fact, people who act like that, fail to understand how important a career in sales really is.

The reality is that we all are salespeople, we are always selling something, direct or indirectly. Maybe we don't realize that or we just don't want to accept the fact that, when we are trying to impress our friends, coworkers, bosses and whoever else, in reality, we are selling our good image, our good impression but trying to show them, how nice we are, how good we are as people and so on. So, who can truly say that they hate salespeople? If so, they probably hate themselves.


This article is intended to answer all your questions about selling but, I hope it provided some clear ideas of what takes to be a salesperson. If you have suggestions to improve the article or ideas for article that you would like to see me writing in my hub pages, please, live your comments. Thank you!


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